Seahawks' Richard Sherman Was Right In Scolding Seattle Fans About NaVorro Bowman

By Sarah Woodall
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After overcoming a 10-point deficit, and after a display of aggressive defense from both teams, the Seattle Seahawks outlasted the San Francisco 49ers to become the 2014 NFC Champions on Jan. 19. This game was an emotional roller coaster for both sides, especially because of inconsistent officiating.

One controversial call in particular came late in the second half when Seattle receiver Jermaine Kearse fumbled near the San Fran goal line and the replays appeared to show a San Fran recovery by 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman. But Seattle emerged from the pile with possession of the ball.

Despite replay evidence proving the Niners recovered the fumble, the Seahawks were still rewarded possession because the play was deemed unreviewable by officials. But what happened during the play proved to be catastrophic for Bowman. His knee was tangled up in the mix and resulted in him being carted off the field. After the game, news came that a group of Seattle fans threw popcorn at Bowman as he entered the tunnel.

Earlier today, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman addressed that particular headline, and referred to the incident as, “beyond terrible” and mentioned that was not an accurate representation of the character of the 12th Man.

“Navorro Bowman is a great player who plays the game the right way,” Sherman said, according to “When he went down, I dropped to a knee and prayed for him. He deserves better than having food thrown at him as he’s carted off a field. All players deserve better than that.”

This type of response comes from the same guy who ridiculed Niners wide receiver Michael Crabtree, calling him a “mediocre receiver at best” in front of the camera during postgame interviews. Sherman was also flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct after taunting Crabtree following an interception by Seattle late in the fourth quarter. But I guess sometimes you have to realize Sherman is also a Stanford University graduate, and believe it or not, can be an intelligent and caring human being.

Unfortunately for Bowman, it does not look good for him. According to a report from NBC sports, doctors fear it could be major ACL and MCL damage. An MRI was expected to be done earlier today.

Sherman was right. That type of act was pretty classless. Usually, the last thing a fan base would want to do is label its city as “dirty” and turn the whole world against it before the biggest game of the year. But I guess Seattle likes to live life dangerously and would rather be that rebel team.

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