Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman Bashes Haters of Postgame Interview With Twitter Rant

By Phil Naegely
richard sherman
Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports

Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman caused much controversy with his postgame interview with Erin Andrews, and he continued the rant on Twitter. He further proved people’s point that he’s an immature , moronic person, but his tweet added another dimension to the story.



Sherman’s immature comments are nothing new to the sports world, but it brings an unneeded controversy and distraction as the Seattle Seahawks begin their Super Bowl XLVIII preparations against the Denver Broncos. It’s one thing for Sherman to say something immature in the heat of the moment on live television, but to take the rant to Twitter is another thing.

I can understand an athlete using Twitter to apologize for his immature actions, but Sherman does the opposite. He calls the fans and other players sheep, while he is the lion.

Sure, Sherman is one of the top NFL cornerbacks, but his off-field behavior on Twitter is causing a nightmare for his team. In Sherman’s second tweet, he said “well if you judge my character on the field … ” Mr. Sherman, fans would judge your on-field performance better if you weren’t saying stupid stuff postgame and then taking it a step further on your Twitter account.

It’s time the cornerback’s off-field attitude matches his play and football leadership during the games. Then, people will start respecting him. One thing is for certain: NFL fans and media are definitely looking forward to what Sherman has to say during the Super Bowl media day.

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