Seattle Seahawks: Pete Carroll's Reaction to Richard Sherman's Post-Game Interview Should Resonate with Fans

By Phil Naegely
Dale Zanine- USA TODAY Sports

It’s been one day since CB Richard Sherman‘s enthusiastic post-game comments caused Twitter to blow up and fans everywhere called Sherman many names. Nonetheless, Sherman has since backed down and said adrenaline was speaking. Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll spoke about the incident Monday and his comments should resonate with fans.

“We all make mistakes,” said Carroll on 710 ESPN Seattle.

Those four words are simple yet should serve as a reminder to fans, players and coaches alike. No one is perfect, and we make mistakes when getting caught up in the moment. Sherman’s adrenaline was flowing and his actions were a result of being in the moment. Some players handle the moment better than others, yet no human is 100 percent perfect. Just because a player is making a million dollars to play sports does not make he or she any different than fans. Money does not make athletes perfect nor turn them into emotionless robots.

Keeping this in mind, fans should be careful not to label players as thugs, morons or other names based on one incident. Additionally, Sherman does not deserve some of the racist comments some foolish fans think are appropriate. If anything, these racist fans are making a worse choice than Sherman’s empathetic words with Erin Andrews.

Carroll’s terse yet wise words need to remind everyone about human nature. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. Unfortunately for players and coaches, their mistakes are caught on national television while fans’ mistakes are most of the time hidden behind closed doors. Fans, cut Sherman, players and coaches a break. They are imperfect humans just like you.

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