Seattle Seahawks' Richard Sherman Plays Everyone Like A Fiddle

By Brent Smith
Steven Bsig- USA TODAY Sports

Here is a man who graduated from Stanford with a degree in Communications. Here is a man who can use words you likely never even knew existed or could even dream of using in Words with Friends. Here is a man who has the media and the world in the palm of his hand as he plays them like a fiddle for self exposure and self recognition. Every single person in America knows Richard Sherman‘s name, and every single person has an opinion on Richard Sherman’s actions. The only problem is Richard Sherman knew exactly what those opinions would be, but like so many provocative people that shock the nation, Sherman is counting his piles of money that continues rolling in.

Call him Miley Cyrus or call him a WWE wannabe, but make sure you call him a celebrity because you made him this way. I’m sure a man of Sherman’s pedigree is very aware of reverse psychology and is also very educated on the fact that shocking sells — shocking works in America. People love to be outraged, and people love to have people who disgust them. We may act shocked and outraged, but deep down you loved every second of gossiping with your friends or social media about Sherman. He is just giving the people what they want: a villain.

Whether Richard Sherman is the best corner in the league is irrelevant to what Sherman is doing. Whether his actions are considered taboo is also irrelevant. What matters is that when you go into your office Tuesday morning the first thing you are going to say around the water cooler is Richard Sherman’s name. He even got me to write his name countless times. Richard Sherman has us all on a string, and we are now just his puppets waiting to be dangled at his next comment.

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