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Super Bowl 2014: 5 Reasons Why Russell Wilson Can’t Handle The Pressure

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Five Reasons Why Russell Wilson Can't Handle Pressure

Kyle Terada – USA TODAY Sports

Russell Wilson continues to history in his first years in the NFL. The second-year quarterback is ready to capture his first Super Bowl ring, but he will have to go up against Peyton Manning, arguably the best QB in history, and the potent offense of the Denver Broncos. The Seattle Seahawks don’t have that kind of firepower to answer on offense, so there will be a heavy load on Wilson’s shoulders in the biggest game of the year.

Unfortunately for Seattle, there are reasons to think he won’t live up to the task and will fail to lead the Seahawks to the promised land.

The former third-round pick has always struggled against top defensive units, and he did not look sharp against the San Francisco 49ers or the New Orleans Saints in the playoffs. Denver is not a strong defensive unit, especially against the pass, but it seems like Wilson is playing under a lot of pressure right now and he has failed to produce the same way he did in the regular season.

Whether it is because there’s a greater load on his shoulders or because he will be in the biggest game of the year while going through a slump, the truth is that Wilson won’t handle the pressure during the Super Bowl.

Wilson has all the tools to be a great quarterback in the future and nobody says he won’t be able to win a few Vince Lombardi trophies once his playing days are over, but as of right now, he doesn’t have enough in him to lead the Seahawks to the victory. Here are five reasons why.

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5. Youth

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Russell Wilson has only been in the NFL for two years, and he is still learning how to play the QB position. He will need to come through in the biggest game of the year, and it seems like his clutch ability is still developing, something that won't be enough against the Broncos.

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4. Recent Slump

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Wilson has struggled mightily in recent months and unless he finds a way to get out of that funk, things don’t bode well for him at Super Bowl XLVIII. In fact, if it wasn’t for Marshawn Lynch, the Seahawks would have probably not advanced to the title game.

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3. Dip in Numbers down the Stretch

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Wilson’s numbers have been diminishing through the last month of the regular season and into the playoffs. He needs to get back to his early form if he wants to lead the Seahawks to a Super Bowl victory, but his recent performances have shown that he tends to fade away as the pressure gets bigger.

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2. Playoff Struggles

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The struggles he faced through the final weeks of the season have been greater during the postseason where, despite two victories, he has failed to lead his team against both the San Francisco 49ers and the New Orleans Saints. He will have a lot of pressure on his shoulders against the Denver Broncos, and he doesn’t seem to be in the best shape to overcome that.

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1. Inconsistency

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To top all this, Wilson has been quite inconsistent despite being one of the best young QBs during the year. He has mixed very good performances with some average ones, and he needs to show more consistency to avoid getting caught by the pressure of playing in the Super Bowl.