10 Annoying Things About Super Bowl Commercials

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10 Annoying Things About Super Bowl Commercials


The Super Bowl draws out of this world ratings. Millions upon millions of people across America tune in to the big game, and as a result, the ad spots cost truckloads of money. Obviously the cost of an ad is determined by where it runs during the game and by how long it is, but usually companies are forced to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for just 30 seconds of time.

Most people love Super Bowl commercials. Some people watch the game solely for the commercials, which is truly astounding. I get it, some of the spots are funny and entertaining. But are they really worth sitting on the couch for three or four hours? Not in my book. They just act as a good sideshow to the game.

While most of the talk is about the good SB commercials on the Monday following the game, it's almost as equally about the bad spots these days. With social media, everyone gets to voice their opinions. You'll find all kinds of 'winners and losers' of SB commercials in the days that follow the big game.

Overall, I think we expect too much out of SB commercials today. The bar has been raised really high and most ads just can't come through. It's not surprising, because we're talking about commercials. 364 days a year, people don't give a rip about commercials. Many people like myself can't stand them. But then this one day a year we're all supposed to forget about the hundreds and thousands of terrible ads we're forced to watch and just fully embrace SB commercials?

It's with all that in mind, that we'll take a look at the 10 most annoying things about Super Bowl commercials. Enjoy:

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We See Trailers for Movies That Won't Be Out for Another 6 Months

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Have you ever seen a movie trailer during the Super Bowl and been so pumped? Then you find out that it won't be released until June...

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Someone in Their 15 Minutes of Fame Will Get a Commercial


Hey, if I was in a 15 minutes of fame situation, I'd take a Super Bowl payday too.

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Bud Light Doesn't Need Every Other Slot

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Bud Light is extremely popular on its own. I'm convinced that Anheuser Busch is just throwing money away with most of the Bud Light SB ads.

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Epic Movie-Like Commercials


Oh, I see what you did there. You made a commercial feel like a clip from a movie. How clever.

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'Go To Our Website For the Ending' Commercials

Go To Our Website Commercials
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No, I don't want to get on my computer and go to your website for more.

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Doritos Don't Deserve the Air Time They Get

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I enjoy a Dorito or two from time to time, but you'd swear they were the greatest chips in history by the ad time they get during the Super Bowl. They have some pretty funny spots, but they lose their luster when they're on every other break.

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We Get It, It's a Talking Baby


Supposedly, E-Trade doesn't have any commercials planned for this year. I'll believe when I don't see it.

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Too Many Tax Ads

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Just in case anybody needs a reminder - IT'S TIME TO DO YOUR TAXES.

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Overuse of the Clydesdales


The famous Budweiser horses are certainly a neat bunch. However, do they really need a long drawn out two minute spot?

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Random Celebrities Plugging Random Products

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Super Bowl commercials never disappoint in this area. Random celebrities will hock random products that they could care less about. This is true of most every commercial, but the volume is turned way up during the SB. Here's Betty White for!