Denver Broncos Happy for Return of Adam Gase After 2014 Super Bowl

By Tyler Brett
adam gase
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The Denver Broncos have quickly built themselves into the best team in the AFC over the last two seasons and have earned their spot in the 2014 Super Bowl with the most prolific offense in history. That success, however, has seen Denver lose one of its top assistants each of the last two seasons. First, Dennis Allen was hired away by the Oakland Raiders after the 2011 season before Mike McCoy was hired away by the San Diego Chargers after the 2012 season. Many believed the team’s offensive coordinator this year, Adam Gase, would be a hot coaching name for open positions this offseason, continuing the trend of Denver assistants moving on to head coaching jobs elsewhere.

But with the Cleveland Browns as the last team looking for a new coach, Gase has formally withdrawn his name from consideration. He was considered the front-runner for the job as Cleveland was searching for an offensive-minded head coach who could infuse some energy into the organization. Instead, Gase has told Cleveland “thanks but no thanks” for the opportunity as he focuses all his attention on the upcoming Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks on February 2.

In addition to the news being a major blow for Cleveland, who can’t seem to give their head coaching gig away at this point, it’s a huge win for the Denver organization heading into the 2014 season. Having some continuity on their staff, particularly on the offensive side fresh off re-writing the record books, will be a serious boost for them heading into the offseason. Gase and quarterback Peyton Manning clearly have a strong working relationship, as shown by their incredible proficiency together in Gase’s first year as the OC. Manning has repeatedly given credit to Gase on gameplanning and in-game adjustments, so having another year to work together should reap even bigger rewards next year.

It’s a testament to a job well done that the Denver coaching staff is constantly getting raided by other teams trying to build a winning program. But it’s even better for the Broncos when they get to keep one of their excellent assistants as they build a consistent winner in AFC. While Gase is all-in for their Super Bowl run this February and the 2014 season after that, how much longer until he becomes a head coach somewhere else?

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