Hakeem Nicks Would Be An Unlikely Signing For Baltimore Ravens

By Dan Abeshouse
Hakeem Nicks
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For the past couple of years, I’ve been hearing fans and pundits alike mention the name Hakeem Nicks as it relates to the Baltimore Ravens. Reports are coming out that Nicks will not re-sign with the New York Giants. Naturally, people could put two and two together, kind of like I did for Norv Turner in regards to the open offensive coordinator job — Turner recently came to deal to have the same position with the Minnesota Vikings. Oops.

Nicks had a pretty pedestrian 2013 campaign with 56 catches for 896 yards and zero TD’s. Some people might say that he didn’t put forth great effort in fear of getting injured and losing that big day that every player dreams of after their rookie contract. Whether you take any merit in that or not, you would have admit that Nicks was looking at the bigger picture. Typically, players on a contract year will go all out to drive their price up, but Nicks went the other way on that, and you know what? He’s still going to get paid by someone anyway, so I guess you have to give the man credit. This also shows that he knows himself well, because the reputation on Nicks is that if so much as flick him, he’ll be out of action for six weeks. Oh, Mr. Nicks, you sly devil.

On the positive side, if you take away the 2013 season, Nicks averages around 930 yards and seven touchdowns per year. There’s no doubt that the man is a huge playmaker when healthy. The question is, would the Ravens take a chance on this dude? In the words of Grandpa Simpson, “Quit your daydreaming, melon head.”

Nicks to the Ravens isn’t going to happen, nor should it. A team with salary cap issues shouldn’t blow their wad on a brittle receiver like him. Time to move on to the next pipe dream, Ravens fans.

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