Kansas City Chiefs' 2013 Success Good for NFL

By Kyle Pappas
Dwayne Bowe
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It was a year that tested the loyalty of all fans that consider themselves to be part of Kansas City Chiefs‘ nation. Behind the questionable leadership of Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel, 2012 saw the Chiefs finish with one of their worst seasons in team history at 2-14. The only competitiveness the Chiefs provided the entire year was for the No. 1 pick in the draft.

In addition to their failures on the field, Kansas City was plagued with the unfortunate Jovan Belcher situation, giving a swift kick to an organization that certainly was already down. The Chiefs seemed to be in disarray from top to bottom and fans were beginning to get frustrated.

But then, a funny thing happened. A portly man with a mustache and resume of offensive success found his way into town and brought an aura of confidence with him. Complement that with some key offseason moves and bada bing, bada boom, you’re looking at an entirely new squad.

The Chiefs captivated the eyes of the nation early in 2013 after starting 9-0, good enough for the NFL‘s last undefeated record. With a capable quarterback for the first time in recent memory and a suddenly elite defense, there was a time this season when Kansas City perhaps looked like the best team in the league.

This type of sudden reversal is exactly what Roger Goodell and the NFL want to see. The 2013 Kansas City Chiefs will be a point of reference for years to come when showcasing the parity of the league.

Why is parity good? It provides fans with hope. It keeps supporters of perennial bottom-feeders like the Jacksonville Jaguars or Cleveland Browns interested in the league and its happenings. Fan interest equates to money and money is usually good for business.

How Kansas City conducted their monumental turnaround provides a blueprint for teams looking looking to accomplish the same in the future. The league is as competitive as its ever been, with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots‘ dynasty a thing of the past and no particular team possessing a pronounced advantage since. The time has never been better for franchises to rise from the proverbial ashes.

Fans have been disgruntled with some of Goodell’s decisions as league commissioner, but there’s no denying that competitiveness has increased tenfold since his induction. Fans, and certainly Goodell, will be rooting for that competitiveness to continue. So take notes, Jags and Browns … the formula for success is out there and you may be only a couple of key moves away from obtaining it.

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