Kansas City Chiefs’ Alex Smith Shouldn’t Have Been Added To The Pro Bowl Roster

Alex Smith

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Look, I understand that the NFL is experimenting with their new “un-conferenced” concept for the 2014 Pro Bowl. And seeing how the game is in dire need of renewed fan interest, it’s probably not the worst idea. But something needs to be seriously reconsidered next year after Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith somehow found his way onto the roster.

Smith’s addition to the roster is much in thanks to a slew of injuries and players turning down the trip to Hawaii for other miscellaneous reasons. But no matter how he ended up there, Smith has absolutely no business walking into Aloha Stadium this year.

Smith was essentially the ninth quarterback selected to the roster and sneaked in only after Tom Brady decided against the trip following the New England Patriots‘ season-ending loss to the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship Game. Still, when you begin to consider a man who led the NFL’s 24th ranked pass attack, the integrity of the game begins to come into question.

Yes, Smith was a good quarterback this year. He was probably one of the most efficient quarterbacks in the league, ending the year with a 60.6 percent completion rate and only seven interceptions. Smith was good, but the Pro Bowl is a game to celebrate the great.

Here’s how Smith ranked in a few statistical categories commonly used to measure QB success:

Yards (3313) – 17th in NFL

Touchdowns (23) – 15th in NFL

Toal QBR (49.4) – 22nd in NFL

These are certainly not Pro Bowl-like numbers. With names such as Matt Ryan (4,515 yards, 26 TD, 17 INT) and Ben Roethlisberger (4,261 yards, 28 TD, 14 INT) left off the list, there’s simply no logical excuse to add a player with Smith’s credentials to the roster.

Smith was a borderline top-10 quarterback this year. Borderline top-10 quarterbacks should not make Pro Bowl. It really is that simple. If the NFL had a 2013 All-Mediocre team Smith would have my vote, but for the 2013 Pro Bowl I’m not so sure.

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  • tnafam

    He deserves to be there. ‘Pro Bowl is to celebrate the greats’ so why are the great opting out? Tom Brady doesn’t deserves to be voted to the Pro Bowl because he doesn’t respect it or his fans who voted him there. All those players who are bailing out for butt hurt reasons doesn’t deserve to be there too. I’m kinda mad how 7 of the 8 49ers probowlers opted out. Players like Aldon Smith, Willis, Vernon are out for no reason. Why should I take my time to vote for them next year when I know they are not gonna come again. Meanwhile Brooks is the only guy who is going to represent our team. Hard working guys like Alex and Brooks deserves to be there.

    • Kyle Pappas

      I agree with you tnafam. Brady obviously doesn’t respect it and shouldn’t be there. And you shouldn’t take your time to vote, the players turning it down is a bit of a slap in the face to all that took their time to do that. Yes, Smith is hardworking, but unfortunately hard work won’t always get you to the Pro Bowl. When you get down to the ninth or tenth best quarterback, it’s not really even a recognition of accomplishment anymore, it’s just “Well, we didn’t have anyone else…” The game is becoming more of a complete joke every year and honestly I wouldn’t be mad if it was eventually axed all together.

      • NigerDeathChickenIsgood

        Hungry for views aye beaner?

        • john

          Heh? Not particularly. And, yes, it’s a serious article. Smith was the Pro Bowl’s ninth choice and obviously not a top 10 quarterback. His inclusion in an event supposedly for the league’s top players is a mockery of the game. And not sure what would lead you to infer that I’m Mexican, but but your ad hominem argument is illogical and therefore irrelevant.

  • NigerDeathChickenIsgood

    Is this article serious?