Pittsburgh Steelers Rumors: Will Some Players Receive Pay Cut In 2014 Season?

By Brandon Sweeney
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

With the early preparations of the offseason taking place, the Pittsburgh Steelers have already made some moves for the 2014 season, although the big decisions have yet to come. The Steelers know they are pinned against the salary cap and they must improve from their two previous seasons of ending with an 8-8 record.

Which decisions will the Steelers make? That has yet been decided or discussed. However, rumors spill out that some of the team’s top names may not be brought back in 2014. Guys like Ryan Clark and Troy Polamalu are getting too old and are taking too much space in the salary cap. Brett Keisel is the oldest defensive lineman in the league and as his contract expires, he will never find his way back onto the Steelers’ roster? Is all of this true?

Linebacker Larry Foote doesn’t like to think so, although the 33-year-old veteran does not know for sure. “We’ve been calling around, shooting some text messages trying to figure out what’s the move and Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin and Mr. (Art) Rooney (II), I’m assuming right now they’re just trying to figure this out because I haven’t heard a peep about who’s going to be back,” said Foote on 93.7, the Fan.

Maybe these players must take less money to be brought back onto the roster next season. With a cap presumed to be about $129 million, the Steelers will need to do more than just that. However, the Steelers should not make any drastic changes this offseason after what they were able to do in the second half of the 2013 season.

“I’m quite sure some big guys are going to have to take less money,” Foote said. “(Brett) Keisel, I don’t think he’s going to get what he wants or what he deserves because we’re pressed up against the cap. Ryan Clark will have to come back cheaper. They’ve got to understand it’s not personal, it’s the cap.”

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