Richard Sherman’s Antics Were Totally Classless

By charlestribou
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It has been almost two days since the San Francisco 49ers’ season came to a screeching halt, and the sting has still not gone away. San Francisco lost 23-17 to the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field. It was a much better showing than their previous outing in Seattle but still fell a bit short. It was only befitting that the final nail in the 49ers’ coffin was a deflected pass by Richard Sherman that resulted in an interception to effectively end the game. The pass was a good one, and it looked poised to be a touchdown to Michael Crabtree. However, at the last moment, Sherman reached back and swatted the ball towards teammate Malcolm Smith for the pick. I have mad respect for Sherman and believe he is the best corner in the NFL. The behavior displayed after the game by Sherman, however, was classless and just plain unnecessary.  The gestures he made and the inconsiderate remarks he made showed a lack of thought and a high level of immaturity. Sherman should study the behavior of some previous NFL stars that went about promoting themselves in ways in a far better manner.

I waited a couple of days to write this piece so that I could allow the haze of anger to clear from my head. Now that it has passed, I am ready to make a few points. I realize that Sherman is simply trying to promote himself and that he was excited about the win. I also consider him to be the best corner in the league, bar none. However, I think his behavior has gone a little overboard and needs to be addressed by head coach Pete Carroll.

There have been many dominant players in NFL history before Richard Sherman came along. One in particular, Deion Sanders, played the same position as Sherman. Sanders, who in my opinion is the best cover corner to ever play the game, was very flashy and flamboyant. He also did an amazing job marketing himself and his “Prime Time” moniker. He had a special dance that he did on his way to every score and he even said that Detroit would have to put him on layaway to be able to afford him, but even he drew the line. What Sanders did not do was make the choke sign to the other team or call very good receivers “sorry” or “mediocre.”

After the Super Bowl, Sherman should have a little homework assignment. He should have to go back and watch how Sanders handled himself and how he self-promoted. Hopefully, after doing so, he will realize that the way he acted was neither funny nor endearing and was in fact very classless. Richard Sherman should have many opportunities to celebrate his own accolades, and maybe after a little reflection he will show a sign of maturity and handle himself like a professional. Only time will tell.

 Charles Tribou is a San Francisco 49ers contributing writer for and can be followed on Twitter at chuck tribou.

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