Super Bowl 2014: 10 Seattle Seahawks Who Need To Step Up

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Super Bowl 2014: 10 Seattle Seahawks Who Need To Step Up

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The Seattle Seahawks have played outstanding football all year, and they continued to shine in their NFC Championship game win over the San Francisco 49ers. There were times they struggled and looked like as if they were slipping, but great teams are resilient and find ways to win with their backs against the wall. Richard Sherman caused most of the controversy after the game with his manic postgame antics, but it should not take anything away for the Seahawks' performance.

This team earned themselves a trip to Super Bowl XLVIII, and they know they have what it takes to defeat the Denver Broncos. It will not be an easy task, and they will have to play better than they did this past Sunday in Seattle. They have a few advantages like the fact that the game will be played outdoors in cold weather. The Seahawks are a ground and pound team, so the conditions play right into their hands.

Still, they are up against Peyton Manning who will win the league's MVP Award unanimously. They will need to get more consistency out of certain players who have been spotty throughout the playoffs and the weeks prior. Being mediocre will not secure this franchise their first Super Bowl victory. The Seahawks have to be excellent in every facet of the game. In order to do so, a few players need to step up and become a factor on Feb. 2, 2014. Here is my list of ten players who need to make difference or else the Seahawks will fall short of earning their first Vince Lombardi Trophy.

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10. Brandon Mebane

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Mebane's stats may not jump off the page, but his value to the team should not been overlooked. He will be a huge part of stopping the Broncos' rushing attack if he can step it up just a bit.

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9. Bobby Wagner

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Wagner has played well, but his team will need him to make game changing plays, not just solid tackles. Wagner has the ability, but he needs to take action.

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8. Earl Thomas

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Thomas has been a tackling machine all year, and it has carried over into the postseason. Still, the Seahawks need him to force some turnovers if they are going to defeat the Broncos.

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7. Zach Miller

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Zach Miller used to be a big part of the Seahawks' offense, but his production has slid with their growth. He has just four catches for 36 yards this postseason. If he steps it up, the Seahawks will have a much easier time getting the ball across the goal line.

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6. Golden Tate

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With just five catches for 44 total receiving yards, Tate has been quiet in the postseason. His lack of production is surprising given the fact that he had a solid regular season with 64 receptions, 898 yards and five touchdowns. I expected Tate to be a big part of the Seahawks' success, but he has been far from productive. He has the skill to be effective and Russell Wilson needs to find a way to get his receiver going.

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5. Bruce Irvin

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In 2012, Irvin became a staple in the Seahawks' blistering defense. Since then, he has become nothing more than shadow. Irvin finished the season with only two sacks and one interception after coming through with eight quarterback takedowns during his rookie season. If he breaks out of his sophomore slump, he could make a difference in the most important game of the season. He has a measly three total tackles in the postseason and has not been a factor for the Seahawks' defense.

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4. Chris Clemons

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Clemons has been one of the biggest postseason disappointments for the Seahawks thus far. He has five total tackles and no sacks in two postseason games. He finished the regular season with 4.5 and 11 or more in the three years prior. Clemons is a force, but he has not been the same since the start of the playoffs.

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3. 12th Man

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I know the Seahawks' fanbase doesn't count as a player on the roster, but their impact is felt everywhere they go. There won't be as many of them in New Jersey as there were in Seattle, so that means the fans who do make it need to be louder than ever to make their presence felt at the Super Bowl.

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2. Richard Sherman

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If you let Sherman tell it himself, he'd probably tell you that he's playing better than any cornerback in the history of the NFL playoffs. But the numbers show a completely different story. Sherman has had an impact, but not to the extent that most of believe he would have. He hasn't forced any turnovers after leading the league with eight interceptions during the regular season. He needs to step up. If he manages to bring the heat on the field, I cannot wait to hear what he has to say about his performance afterwards.

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1. Russell Wilson

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Prior to his 215-yard performance in the NFC Championship game, Wilson had only one game with 200 yards or more out of his last five starts. I was not sold on his performance against the 49ers. He is set to go head-to-head with Peyton Manning, so he will need to have a huge game to give his team a real shot of winning Super Bowl XLVIII.

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