Super Bowl XLVIII: Quarterback Experience Will Determine Winner

By Brian Anderson
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a long and hard fought NFL season, but the stage is finally set for the two best teams in the league to battle it out in Super Bowl XLVIII.

The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks took two completely different roads en route to the final matchup of the year. The Seahawks’ success came behind their stingy defense, while the Broncos used their high-powered offensive attack to earn their spot in the big game. Their contrasting styles of football should make for a very entertaining game for fans worldwide to enjoy. Factors like health, speed and determination will be key in the battle for NFL supremacy. Still, only one element will determine who the last team standing will be and that is experience. Experience creates a big gap in between these two talented franchises.

Peyton Manning leads the Broncos in his 16th year in the league. Manning is going into his third Super Bowl, splitting his two prior appearances. Meanwhile the Seahawks are led by the inexperience of Russell Wilson, who is wrapping up his sophomore season. Experience is important, but neither man has a clear edge, because age can be either a gift or a curse in some cases. Manning’s familiarity could be his biggest enemy against the younger Wilson. The latter, on the other hand, has less pressure on him, because he has time on his side. Meanwhile, Manning is fighting with time and the need to overcome personal demons. Manning’s experience can be his greatest weapon if he finds a way to use it effectively against the youthful speed and furious nature of the Seahawks.

Deciding who has the advantage may be impossible, but you would figure that Manning has the upper hand going into this matchup. He has been here before and knows what to expect. Meanwhile, Wilson may be a deer in the bright headlights of the media frenzy that comes with a trip to the Super Bowl. Many people overlook the emotional tool taken on players in the days prior the big game. The interviews, media, family and friends all factor in to how a player may perform on game day. Wilson has never been in a more stressful situation in his life, so it is impossible for him to be prepared for the massive amount of attention that comes with the success.

As much as the inexperience hurts Wilson, the experience may affect Manning just the same, evening the playing field, but still making it the most important factor. If these players could hide under rock and prepare for the game, they probably would, but it is their job to stare into the lights and answer thousands of questions from persistent media members. On game day, it will come down to whoever is more comfortable in their skin. The attention could easily rattle anyone whose mind is simply on winning the Super Bowl. Manning has a load of pressure on him and that could hurt him on the field. Wilson should be able to play more worry free football, and that could be the deciding factor. He will not be afraid to make the mistakes that Manning will be trying his hardest to avoid.

Experience will make one of these players a winner on Feb. 2, 2014. One of the biggest games in the history of the NFL is upon us and it will be joy to watch two polar opposite quarterbacks fight to earn a chance to be champions.

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