Super Bowl XLVIII: Russell Wilson Hopes To Join Doug Williams As NFL Hero

By Devin O'Barr
Doug Williams
Bud Symes – Getty images

When Super Bowl XLVIII finally kicks off, Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks will attempt to do something that Donovan McNabb, Steve McNair and Colin Kaepernick couldn’t do. And that is become the second African-American quarterback to start and win a Super Bowl. The last time the NFL saw an African-American quarterback lead his team to a win on Super Sunday was over 26 years ago when Doug Williams propelled the Washington Redskins past the Denver Broncos. Quite the coincidence, huh?

The Broncos were no match for Williams’ Redskins way back in 1988 and Wilson is hoping we all say the same about his Seahawks this year.

Sure, a few bad-apple fans will say that Wilson’s win “doesn’t count” because he’s not 100% African-American, but that’s nothing more than an ignorant fan not knowing what he’s talking about. The NFL has been working on its racial issues since day one as things like the “Rooney Rule” show that the league is still working on making it a level playing field for minorities to acquire head coaching jobs.

Furthermore, the Super Bowl has helped that process quite a bit as no one can forget Super Bowl XLI as it saw two African-American head coaches go toe-to-toe as Tony Dungy got the upper hand against Lovie Smith‘s Chicago Bears. Thankfully, the game of football has helped bring down needless boundaries and Wilson has a perfect opportunity to cement his legacy and put his name right next to Williams’ somewhere in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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