Think Before You Condemn Richard Sherman

By Michael Peckerar
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To complain about Richard Sherman and his well documented rant following the Seattle SeahawksNFC Championship win is to shoot a deer in a cage.

Social media has exploded with armchair analysts condemning Sherman for a long list of reasons. Many of these reasons are frankly nothing more than ivory tower moral judgements with the occasional racist comment thrown in there — because it’s still the internet after all. Sherman has been called everything from “thug” to some less repeatable words.

This is all completely stupid.

First of all, Sherman is not a thug.  As some people have astutely pointed out, he went to Stanford. Yeah, that Stanford. The one with the 6.6 percent acceptance rate. Before you say he’s just a dumb athlete, Sherman holds a degree from Stanford and has returned to work on his Masters Degree as we speak. Is he just using the school? No.  Sherman graduated from Dominguez High School as Salutatorian, ranking second overall in his graduating class.

Yet since he’s African-American and wears his hair in dreadlocks, he’s labeled “a thug.”

His rant against Michael Crabtree was also not anything for anyone to really get all up in arms about. While maybe he was being harsh with the San Francisco 49ers wide receiver, isn’t harsh sometimes called for? Especially when the harsh stems from obnoxious comments made during a charity fundraiser. Crabtree had something like this coming, and had it been the NHLhe’d have spent an unconscious night in the hospital. Crabtree got off easy. Not to mention, shouldn’t the guy talking smack at a charity event be the one who is the thug?

Sherman’s intense rant — though maybe slight overkill — is sorely missing from professional sports. Fans who condemn him are almost universally guilty of the same type of rant after three Bud Lights at Hooters.  When you have seen a Green Bay Packers fan tell a Chicago Bears fan they deserve to get beaten to death in front of their children– over defending Jay Cutler how can you look down your nose at the actual guy on the field for doing something half as bad as you did?

An occasional outburst from a guy like Sherman after a huge game is pretty healthy for the sport. It brings intensity and is actually kind of fun. Would fans rather he just not care?

Sherman has nothing to apologize for. It is those who throw uninformed and racist rants of their own that should be doing the apologizing.

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