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15 Things Richard Sherman Might Say Before, During, After Super Bowl

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Things Richard Sherman Would Say Before, During, After Super Bowl

Super Bowl
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The Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman has been the talk of the sports world because of his passionate outburst with Erin Andrews after making a historic play in the end zone to prevent a game winning touchdown.

He’s had an ongoing feud with San Francisco 49ers’ Michael Crabtree, and the clash came to a head in the NFC Championship game. Crabtree was the receiver Colin Kaepernick tried to hit in the corner of the end zone to take the lead in the final seconds of the game. As Sherman now notoriously told the rest of the world, Crabtree is a “mediocre at best” receiver. So going to him with Sherman covering, as Sherman implied, was ill-advised.

Sherman told the world that he was the best cornerback in the game, and that Crabtree, or any other player for that matter, should not talk about him.

Despite his heroics on the field, which were truly heroic, his verbal outburst is what people will focus on. Sherman is an outstanding player, and he’s right, he is the best corner in the game. Sherman has lead the NFL in interceptions with 20 since 2011.

With the Super Bowl approaching, no doubt the biggest game of Sherman’s career, it’s intriguing to think of what he might be spouting about over the next couple weeks. Sherman is filled with intense passion for the game. When he is interviewed you can tell he has intelligence, and also that he’s probably not as bad of a guy as we think, but he is a ticking time bomb of pull quotes.

It’s these moments of shear honesty and powerful disregard for properness that makes Sherman truly fascinating to us, and it’s these kinds of moments that we anticipate leading up to the Super Bowl, and beyond. So what will Sherman say next?

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Before: “Golden Tate is a mediocre receiver at best..."

Golden Tate
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"Don’t you ever talk about me, Golden Tate!”

The practices leading up to the Super Bowl are largely just to keep players sharp, not really to learn anything too ground breaking. So, naturally, Richard Sherman will have to continue to stay sharp on his postgame trash talk, after he goes up against his own receivers in practice.

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Before: “I apologize to Golden Tate…”

Golden Tate
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"I do charity work.”

Of course, he’ll need to keep his publicist on the ball as well, in case of another outburst.

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Before: “Follow Me on Twitter @RSherman_25...

Richard Sherman
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"I’ll be live tweeting the Super Bowl."

Sherman’s social media followers are growing exponentially, and it’s important for him to take advantage of that.

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Before: “Hey Justin Verlander, I’ll just intercept you’re high and tight fastball!

Richard Sherman
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Justin Verlander tweeted that if Sherman was in MLB, he would get a high and tight fastball. Here’s the rest of Sherman’s potential quote:

“But for real, tell Kate Upton that I’m the best pitcher in the league. But don’t be a funny man, and just say I’m the best pitcher in the league because then she won’t know... just make sure you say Richard Sherman is the best pitcher in the league. Ok? We’re cool, right? Follow me on twitter @RSherman_25.”

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Before: “Dennis Rodman called me…”

Richaed Sherman
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“He wants to meet me to discuss being in a club or something. Probably some kind of best in the league club.”

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During: “If Peyton Manning was really as smart as we think he is..."

Richard Sherman
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"He would have gone to Stanford.”

Hard to trash talk Peyton Manning, so the Stanford thing is likely a fall back option.

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During: “Peyton Manning is the Best, but I’m the More Best”

Richard Sherman
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Again, everyone suffers from jitters early in the game. Even Richard Sherman, and his trash talk.

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During: “I’ve seen better hands on a Crabtree…”

Richard Sherman
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If a Bronco receiver drops a ball, expect Sherman to compare them to Michael Crabtree.

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During: “New York is mediocre at best.”

Richard Sherman
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In response to the heckling he will for sure face from New York fans.

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During: “DeMaryius Thomas should bring a book to read…”

Richard Sherman
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“Because he’s going to get bored not catching any passes.”

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After a Loss: “To all you haters out there, at least I’m not a hater…”

Richard Sherman
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“I mean I hate Michael Crabtree. Well, I just hate wide receivers. And I hate quarterbacks. But I’m not a hater. And I hate Tight Ends.”

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After a loss: “I Want to Be a Denver Bronco…”

Richard Sherman
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“The Broncos are the best, and I need to play with the best.”

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After a Win: “My Post Super Bowl Party is at the Manning House…”

Richard Sherman
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“because I own it. Michael Crabtree is not invited. Neither is Peyton. Eli is cool to come, he gave a lot to the cornerback cause this year.”

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After a Win: “I Apologize to Richard Sherman…”

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“for Apologizing. Don’t ever apologize for being the best.”

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After a Win: “Disney World is the best!”

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If Disney World is smart, they will use Sherman as their “I’m going to Disney World” spokesperson after the Super Bowl. Here’s the rest of the quote:

“I’m going to Disney World! Six Flags is mediocre at best, at best! Am I going to go to Six Flags? That’s a joke, right? I’m going to Disney World, because I’m the best.”