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5 Reasons Peyton Manning Will Fall Under the Pressure

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Reasons Why Peyton Manning Can't Handle the Pressure

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A 26-16 victory over the New England Patriots is sending the Denver Broncos to the Super Bowl. They will be taking on the Seattle Seahawks who finished the 2013 regular season as the NFL’s top defense. However, the Broncos closed out the regular season as the league’s top offense. So without a doubt, everyone is ready for the Broncos to take on the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII.

There has only been one other time when the top offense took on the top defense in the NFL’s most watched game. In 1990, the Buffalo Bills’ offense scored a league high 428 points and took on the New York Giants’ defense that allowed a league low of 211 points. The only Super Bowl to end with a one-point victory (20-19).

On Feb. 2, the world will see Peyton Manning, the NFL’s record touchdown passer in a season (55), take on Richard Sherman, the NFL’s top cornerback in the league.

Will history repeat itself? Will the top defense prevail once again? If the Super Bowl was played today, kickoff would be taking place in a snowy Met Life Stadium with blistering, cold temperatures. The weather is expected to rise a bit by time of Super Bowl Sunday. However, temperatures are still expected to be around freezing.

Here are five reasons why Peyton Manning will not be able to handle the pressure in New York.

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5. Inconsistency

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Even with the two playoff victories this season, Manning is always reminded of how inconsistent he is in the postseason. With a record of 11-11 in the playoffs and 1-1 in the Super Bowl, Manning must prove he can win another big game.

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4. Seahawks Run Defense

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The Seahawks held the San Francisco 49ers to 17 carries and 31 yards rushing by a running back. That spells disaster for the Broncos’ running backs.

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3. Pressure

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Very few quarterbacks can handle defensive pressure. Although Manning was the least sacked quarterback in the league in 2013, he can make mistakes when pressure is applied. REMINDER: In the 2005 Playoffs, Manning played a tough Pittsburgh Steelers defense, who got to him and held him to just 290 yards and one touchdown.

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2. Seahawks Secondary

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If Richard Sherman was not initially thought of as the best cornerback in the league, Sunday gave everyone a reason to think that now. The Seahawks defense allowed an average of just 273.6 yards a game in 2013.

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1. Weather

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This could go with Manning’s inconsistency, but seeing how this will be the first Super Bowl played in cold weather, it should be noted that Manning’s play in cold weathered games is also a problem. Denver is used to cold, is Manning?