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5 Seattle Seahawks Who Shouldn’t Be Back in 2014

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5 Seahawks That Should Not Return

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Not sure if you heard, but the Seattle Seahawks are in the Super Bowl. This news would make one think that there aren't too many flaws on their team. While they have one of the more complete teams in the NFL, that does not mean there aren't going to be moves to make them better this offseason.

Sometimes it is a contract that does not work out, or it is the fact that they had younger and cheaper players step up in their position. Either way, the Seahawks still have some work to do this offseason.

With a core that includes Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman, they have a core that could really take them places for the next decade. With football, however, it really takes a 53 man effort. If those three don't have the proper compliments around them, then they will not continue to succeed.

How does one get better players to help them succeed? Money, of course. The way it is right now, the Hawks already have over $122 million committed to next season. That is without any signings, any contract extensions (look for Sherman in this category) and without adding to the spots they are losing to free agency.

When looking at some of the contracts the Hawks have signed in the past few years, you can see some of the mistakes they have made. Of course, winning football games and going to the Super Bowl mask these imperfections. These are the five Seahawks that should not return this season.

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Brandon Browner

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Brandon Browner is one of the main proponents of the Seahawks who is thought of doing too many drugs. After dealing with another suspension this season, he is currently in a fight with the league. He is great when he is on the field, but the multiple suspensions is getting old. His contract is up and I do not see the Hawks resigning him.

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Sidney Rice

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This is the epitome of football being a cruel business. Sidney Rice tore his ACL on the team's journey to the Super Bowl. He is going to be making eight digits next season. If Rice is cut, that $10 million goes down to $2.4 million. There is no way that the Hawks will think a 28-year-old receiver coming off a major injury, who was never a top five receiver, is worth that much money.

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Red Bryant

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Red Bryant did not have a bad season, but Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett had better years and they will come at a much cheaper price tag. The 323 pounder won't have trouble finding a new home, but if he doesn't come down from his huge contract number, he may have to see work elsewhere. It is hard to believe the Seahawks would give up on him one year into a five-year deal, but we have seen crazier things when teams need money.

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Kellen Davis

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The Seahawks have enough tight ends that don't produce and don't need to keep another one in Kellen Davis. They will most likely look to get better than Zach Miller, but I would be sorely surprised if Davis is anywhere near this roster.

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Golden Tate

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Golden Tate never really lived up to the lofty expectations he had coming out of Notre Dame. His most famous play was the touchdown he "caught" that led to the NFL canning the replacement referees and giving the regular referees what they wanted. Will someone take a chance on him based on his talent? Probably, but the former second round pick will have to do it elsewhere.