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7 Reasons To Fall In Love With The Seattle Seahawks

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7 Reasons To Leave Your Team For The Seattle Seahawks

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So your team is out, and you're bitter. You're glad the New England Patriots are out, but maybe you don't want to see Peyton Manning win again. Maybe you're a San Francisco 49ers fan and you definitely don't want to see your NFC rival win, especially given Richard Sherman just dissed your star wideout Micheal Crabtree on national television.

I get it, you don't want to root for the Seattle Seahawks. But if you're a fan of the 30 teams that are not in the Super Bowl this year, maybe there's hope for you after all; maybe there's a team you can root for. The Seahawks are the underdogs here as many -- myself included -- aren't really giving them any kind of credit or respect to win this game. Vegas has the Denver Broncos as two and half point favorites as of Tuesday. It's nothing personal, just calling it like we all see it.

But if there was a team to adopt to win the whole thing it's got to be the Seattle Seahawks. They have a charismatic quarterback who's making his first Super Bowl start, they definitely have an outspoken defensive leader and a brilliant coach to boot. This team has the attributes you want in a Super Bowl team. They also have a solid foundation for the future which is what this list is based on. Sure you could jump on the bandwagon or you can hop on and stay on. This team is set for success, and here are seven reasons to leave your old team and get with the Seahawks.

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7. They Beat This Guy

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At the end of the day the Seattle Seahawks proved their worth beating the NFC rival 49ers. They definitely earned the right to be in this title game as the best team in the NFC and as a result set themselves up for multiple postseason runs going into the next three seasons. And because they brought down the evil red and gold empire it's not like they're afraid of anyone either. That's huge.

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6. Outspoken Defensive Leader

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Sure, the Seattle Seahawks' defense has been stout during the regular season. Fans have definitely let me know where the Seahawks stand when it comes to defense. And yes, the defense is rounded out by Kam Chancellor, but it is Richard Sherman that gets this squad going. Think of Sherman in the same air as Ray Lewis -- a spark plug for the team.

Every great defensive team had one because you need players like that. Personally that's a defense I would want to play for. Alongside that guy you have everything you need to be successful. Seattle is easily one of the best defensive groups in the NFL, and that's why they made it this far.

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5. The Pundits Love Them

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ESPN may have been dominated by what Peyton Manning and Tom Brady ate for dinner last week, but don't let all the airtime fool you. All season long critics and writers alike were largely united in their love for the Seahawks. And it's easy to see why; they are a complete team on both sides of the ball and could very well steal a game in which they are slight underdogs.

I'm not sure how much more fight these guys have in them, especially going against Peyton, but Seattle will be good for years to come. They are championship-caliber hands down.

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4. Who Wouldn't Want To Play For This Guy?

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Pete Carroll is a master motivator -- always has been and always will be. His exuberance and love of the game is downright contagious. The tactics he's used in practices and days off are the stuff of legend. Players love him, opposing players admire him and opposing coaches fear him.

Pete has shut down most of the naysayers by taking the NFC Title last week, but he can quiet them all win with Super Bowl win. Where you put him as far as current great coaches is up to you, but for me this is a guy you would want coaching your team.

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3. They Unleash The Beast Mode

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Sure Adrian Peterson, LeSean McCoy, Matt Forte and Alfred Morris put up more yards, but at sixth overall in the NFC this season Marshawn Lynch has captivated fans from every team with his punishing runs -- one of which spawned the now infamous 'Beast Quake' seismic reading. And none of them have anything remotely close to the Skittles bit for which Lynch is now known to munch on.

Not only is Lynch flourishing in this system, but he's easily a lock to remain a top five running back in the NFC for years to come. And with Russell Wilson only evolving from here on that's a pretty solid back to have.

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2. They Have Some Of The Best Fans In The League

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Put the pedigree for your team aside and admit it; the 12th man is cool. Admit the crowd noise for opposing teams has killed your team this season. Admit that maybe, just maybe, they have the most dedicated -- and loudest -- fans in the league these days.

So maybe you won't go for the last statement, but you can come to an agreement that Seattle has become the 'it' team in the NFL. And rightfully so. ESPN 710 Seattle has had a blast covering this team all season as evidenced by broadcaster Warren Moon's proud papa shriek of joy during Sherman's game-ending interception. Half-awkward, half-earnest, it was a great call by Moon. They've rewarded the fans and local hosts with some great memories.

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1. Their Quarterback Sets An Example

Russell Wilson Facebook Page

Yes, the Seahawks fans have come under fire for the whole popcorn incident involving NaVorro Bowman. That was an ugly scene and the small group responsible were rightfully aired out by Richard Sherman Sunday. But this is a team full of shining examples like quarterback Russell Wilson.

On Saturday, Wilson visited Seattle's Children's Hospital to talk and meet with kids with various medical issues. Seattle's Children Hospital admits they've had athletes who promised to come back or show up but never did. Wilson was never one of those guys, and he even asked to take a larger role at the Hospital.

Outstanding guys deserve outstanding praise, and Wilson has endeared many hearts at the hospital. In this day of scandal and social media it's amazing Russell Wilson sets such a great example for his team and city.