Former San Diego Chargers Kicker In Favor Of Proposed Extra Point Rule Change?

By Erwin Mendoza
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Roger Goodell has been on the record for some idiotic decisions.

For one, years ago he approved the idea of having the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. It’s going to be the first time the Super Bowl will be played outside and north of the Mason-Dixon line. There’s been a point to why they’ve played the Super Bowl in warm weather cities or in domed arenas.

The second reason is that he has brought up the idea of eliminating kicking the extra point after a scored touchdown.

How about we go back to two-hand touch rules and make every touchdown seven points?

Oh, that’s what we’re doing now?

One former San Diego Chargers player is in favor of this change. That Charger is former kicker Nate Kaeding. In his response on Twitter, Kaeding said,

@BenHigginsSD No other play in sports that happens w/ such regularity and is such a foregone conclusion. Good Riddance.

— Nate Kaeding (@Kaeding_Nate) January 22, 2014

In Kaeding’s career, he’s only missed two extra points. On record, he is 352/354 for extra points to further his point on accuracy, he’s 5/5 career from 0-19 yards. He has been heralded as the best kicker – in the regular season— for San Diego. His key misses in the postseason are never forgotten in San Diego.

Current Chargers kicker Nick Novak hasn’t been on record for comment, but he’s as automatic as Kaeding, only missing one extra point (148/149) in his career.

What really makes sense is to push the extra point back further if you want something more exciting. This season, only five kickers missed from 20-29 yards, but that number increases to 21 kickers when kicking between 30-39 yards.

Goodell has much more on his mind than meddling with extra points, such as trying to come up with a larger sum to dole out to the NFLPA.

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