Kansas City Chiefs: Pros, Cons of Re-Signing G Jon Asamoah -

By Aaron Charles
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The Kansas City Chiefs have 16 players heading into free agency with very little cap room to play with as it stands now. After some contract restructuring and making a few cuts, the Chiefs will be able to make some moves, but they will not be the same big spenders this offseason that they were last year. Guard Jon Asamoah is one of the players the front office will definitely make an attempt to re-sign. Here’s a look at some of the pros and cons of bringing back the talented 25-year-old offensive lineman.


The Chiefs got a steal grabbing Asamoah in the third round of the 2010 draft. He was considered one of the best interior linemen, but dropped due to a shoulder fracture that required surgery. It was a great gamble as Asamoah has become a solid pass protector and great run blocker for Kansas City.


The main downside is the same issue with anybody worth re-signing — he will not be cheap. He probably won’t be asking for Branden Albert money, but will surely deserve a nice raise from the $1.32 million he made last season. He has also suffered a few injuries in his career, including the aforementioned shoulder, a thumb surgery in 2012 and some calf strains in 2013, but they haven’t kept him out of action for too long.

Bottom Line:

Bringing back Asamoah should be a top priority for Kansas City this offseason. He is a key piece to the Chiefs’ offense which was progressing nicely as the season wound down. Unless Asamoah expects a crazy contract like Albert, they should commit to the talented, young guard.

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