New England Patriots Should Not Re-Sign Julian Edelman

Julian Edelman

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Julian Edelman was fantastic for the New England Patriots this past season. He was the team’s most productive pass catcher and managed to stay healthy for all 18 games played, yet he should not be re-signed.

The primary reason for this is because of the presence of Danny Amendola. Amendola’s contract prevents him from being a reasonable candidate for release this offseason. That is because the veteran wide receiver is due $2 million guaranteed next season, and general managers hardly ever cut a player that is due guaranteed money.

Nick Caserio could technically re-sign Edelman and carry both wide receivers, but this would not be a wise move. Both men are slot receivers and cannot function on the field unless they line up inside for a four-wide-receiver set (which Josh McDaniels hardly ever uses). Having one of them in the slot and one on the outside is not a viable option.

Plus Edelman is going to want some cash this offseason. He is coming off of career-highs in receptions (105), receiving yards (1,056) and touchdown receptions (six). Not only that, but Edelman is going to be 28 in May, meaning that he is entering the middle of his prime.

However, one must consider a player’s entire resume before signing that player to a long-term contract.  That being said, Edelman’s first four seasons in the league were not flashy when it comes to being a wide receiver. He had never played a full season, and his previous career-high in receptions was 37.

Most importantly, the NFL is a business. Caserio already has a slot receiver making guaranteed money in 2014, so giving Edelman a long-term contract would simply be bad business. Caserio is better off giving Amendola the full 2014 season to prove that he can be the go-to-guy at slot receiver.

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  • Steve T

    You’re kidding right? Signing Amendola was a big blunder. First, his production at the end of the season wasn’t up to par with his salary. Second Edelman has been improving every season and just has a whopper of a year. .Julian was in the top 3 in the league for slot receivers this year. He is your best receiver right now on a team struggling to find someone to throw the ball to when Gronk isn’t on the field. Cut your losses with often injured and inconsistent Amendola. Try to trade him, though he won’t bring much. Julian Edelman is getting his due somewhere this year. Do we want it to be with a division rival? Julian, don’t take the home town discount. That cheap skate that owns this team has deep pockets and
    doesn’t like to pay for superior talent.Sorry Kraft, this man earned a Franchise type salary.Pay up!

    • ruyen

      I loove JE11, but calling Kraft a cheapskate is just ignorant. The $ limit is in cap space, not real-money. If they cut Amendola, he will still be on the salary cap, so they are not likely to cut him because they have to pay him literally, and figuratively (cap space). As much as I’d like Amendola to be Edelman’s backup in that position, it’s likely to be Amendola with Austin Collie as his backup. Other teams have more cap space and aren’t locking into contracts with Slot receivers so, as much as I hate it, Jules is going to walk when he gets a better offer than NE can afford.

      • Steve T

        This team will make cap space. Vince won’t get 11 mil. next year. Spikes won’t be here, If they don’t sign Talib, which is very possible, there’s 5 mil more. There will be 20 mil in cap space available.And Kraft? He needs to stay in the back ground and out of everyone’s hair. He’s more than a cheapskate.