Washington Redskins: Robert Griffin III Is His Own Worst Enemy

By Ricky Allen
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III competed against the one person in the 2013 NFL season that he didn’t face in 2012 — himself.

With a quarterback rating of 102.4, RG3 had 258 completions out of 393 attempts for 3,200 yards during his debut in 2012. Last season, he had 274 completions out of 456 attempts for 3,203 yards. More attempts, a few more completions, equal results. RG3 didn’t miss a step, he increased them. However, his interceptions doubled and his QB rating plummeted to 82.2.

But you know these stats already, this information is common knowledge to even the average Redskins fan.

Forget what Pierre Garcon said about RG3’s brace “slowing him down.” Forget Santana Moss‘s comment about RG3’s inability to take more responsibility. Better yet, forget the recent Facebook posting by RG3. Toss it all in the memory dumpster.

RG3 needs to sit down with himself and deal with some personal challenges.

Firstly, aside from the statistical data that proved he did his job (and can still do the job, by the way), RG3 played with fear. I know what you’re about to say, “But he just got back from a serious injury.”  Blah, Blah, we know that. He played with fear. He needs to accept that the knee bothers him mentally, not physically. It’s a mental block on the field, and until he deals with it, he’ll never be RG3 of year one. In fact, he’ll never see that guy again.

Furthermore, RG3 needs to trust his own judgement. I can’t tell you how many times I watched him give second and third looks before throwing in panic. It was horrible. For some reason this season, there was an underlining uncertainty in the passing game. He was sacked only eight times more than in his debut season (offensive line? sigh..) so that cannot be it. Trying too hard to make it happen? Possibly. He was overdoing it, a flaw in the lining of fear. When he wanted to run, and maybe when he should have ran, he threw. This is not RG3’s game.

Lastly, RG3 just needs to play his game and not worry about expectations of typical quarterbacks. He’s not Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, who can pass all day and care less about running. RG3 thrives on the excitement of running and the chaos that it brings in its wake. He loves it. I’ll dare say, he’s addicted to it.

RG3 needs to remember what he loves and regain his footing. A new coach won’t be able to fix that, because it’s all in his mind. Like Morpheous told Neo in The Matrix, “I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it. Free your mind. “He then jumps from one building to another, a long distance away.

RG3 needs to jump, now.

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