Agent David Canter Talks NCAA And Rumors

By Brandon Sweeney
Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

In part one of this two part interview with DEC Management CEO David Canter, he let us know some good ins and outs behind free agency, client and agent trust and the qualifications of being a DEC client. Jeff Hartman and I continued to ask Canter some more in-depth questions behind rumors and the NCAA.

There are several things that the people do not know about the NCAA. Some people stand by it and some people do the complete opposite. Canter falls on the side of opposite.

“I believe the NCAA is one of the most backwards and corrupt organizations in the history of this country,” said Canter. “I believe the University President and others who make up the NCAA have very little concept or grasp on reality of life for my student athletes and only care about profit and loss statements. I think the entire organization should be abolished and a new voice be heard that truly cares about the kids.”

The NFL is a big league with over 1,800 players. Don’t you wonder where some of the craziest rumors spill from? Could it be from the agents themselves? Remember earlier this season when rumors spilled of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger wanting to be traded? Then soon it ended up being completely false. Is this something that happens in the agent field often?

“Common occurrence yes,” Canter said. “But the timing of that makes me believe it wasn’t Ben or anyone in his camp but merely a rumor that somehow got ridiculous legs.  Franchise Super Bowl winning quarterbacks don’t grow on trees.  Ben isn’t going anywhere.”

Lastly, when do agents start talking to potential clients? Is it high school? Early in college?

“I don’t recruit a lot of college kids and haven’t been to a college game in 2-3 years, so that question isn’t applicable for me. I didn’t even meet my highest projected draft pick this year (Demarcus Lawrence) until after he declared for the draft.”

Now, heading into the offseason, keeping an eye on all of the upcoming events will be much easier with Canter’s insight.

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