Kansas City Chiefs Rumors: Team To Pursue WR Jeremy Maclin

By Andrew Fisher
Jeremy Maclin
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY

The Kansas City Chiefs weren’t exactly known for their high-flying offense in 2013. Jamaal Charles had a ridiculous season, but outside of the talented running back, the Chiefs didn’t have many players turning heads on the offensive side of the ball. As the season progressed Andy Reid did open up the playbook a little more, but most of us will remember the 2013 Chiefs for their defense and for the performances by Charles.

So naturally, free agency rumors have already started to swirl in Kansas City. Most fans are wondering who the team will bring in to help boost the offense. A popular name that’s being kicked around the internet? Jeremy Maclin.

The talented WR of course sat out all of 2013 with a torn ACL. However, he’s expected to make a full recovery, as most players with repaired ACLs do these days. He’s also set to hit the free agent market on March 11th, which is why many are connecting the dots and realigning him with Reid in KC.

So the all important questions – (1) should the Chiefs open up their checkbook and pay Maclin? (2) will he want to play there?

The Eagles reportedly want to re-sign Maclin and are also prepared to let Riley Cooper walk in free agency. We’ll have to see who they choose, but you’d have to think they’ll lean towards Maclin, who clearly has a higher ceiling. Philly won’t have enough funds to re-sign both WRs, so it’s entirely possible that the Chiefs could end up with the guy they don’t want. Either way, they’d get a WR that’s familiar with Reid’s system.

If it’s not Maclin or Cooper, it’s got to be someone else for Kansas City. The offense they put on the field in 2013 was simply not Super Bowl-caliber. Until pieces are added, the Chiefs will remain in the tier of potential Wild Card teams. Pursuing Maclin would be a great way to start the process of getting out of that tier.


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