Super Bowl 2014: 10 Things You’ll Hear Way Too Much About Before the Game

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10 Things You'll Hear Way Too Much About Before Super Bowl XLVIII

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With both of the conference championship games now in the books, the official countdown to Super Bowl XLVIII is underway. As always, it's a painfully long two week countdown to the big game. One week of the build up is for the media, while the other is more of a 'normal' week for the players. During that two week span, all we're left with is time to talk about the game. The unfortunate part, is that most of the talk is about worthless crap.

In this day and age, the talk is about much more than just the game itself. That's fine and dandy, but some of the talk is absolutely pointless. In this slideshow we'll take a look at 10 things that you'll hear way too much about in the days leading up to SB 48.

When it comes to the actual game itself, we couldn't really ask for a much better matchup. This SB will mark the first time since 1990 that the two top seeds in each conference have made it to the big game. Some see this as a good thing, while others would prefer to see 'the best' going at it every year.

Personally, I could care less as long as the game is entertaining. If the hottest team in the game happens to be a six seed, who cares? They've won their way into the game, so it makes no difference to me.

So putting all the Xs and Os aside, what are the things that everyone is talking about leading up to SB 48? Here are 10 things that you'll hear constantly over the next two weeks:

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If the SB Was Held Today, It Would 'X' Degrees

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'If SB 48 was today, it would only be 3 degrees.' You don't say? Well good thing the SB isn't today! I'll start tuning in to forecasts once we approach the weekend. Count me out of the 10-day projected forecasts.

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Marijuana is Legal in the Home States of Both Teams

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This has absolutely nothing to do with the SB. Nothing at all. But yet people can't stop talking about it. News flash - NFL players have been getting high, well before marijuana was made legal in Colorado and Washington.

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The Orange Jersey Jinx

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Of all the worthless crap you'll hear over the next two weeks, this might be the most worthless. Did you know that the Broncos have never won a SB in their orange jerseys? Did you know that the color of a jersey has absolutely zero impact on the outcome of a game!?!?

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Richard Sherman's Post-Game Comments

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In case you missed it, Richard Sherman ranted after the NFC title game.

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Broncos Haven't Won a SB Since Elway

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BREAKING: The Broncos haven't won a Super Bowl since Elway's last game in January of 1999.

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How Mature Russell Wilson Is

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Wise beyond his years. Tremendous young man. Those are just a couple of the cliche things you'll hear about Wilson. We get it - he's not your typical second year QB.

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Peyton Manning's History in Cold Weather

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THIS JUST IN - Peyton Manning doesn't have a great track record in cold weather.

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Percy Harvin's 'Impact'

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I guarantee you'll see this headline in the days leading up to SB 48 - Percy Harvin is X-Factor for Seattle Seahawks. That's great. However, the dude has played in two games this season. Two! Let's see if he can even play an entire game, before we speculate on his performance.

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Wes Welker's Hit on Aqib Talib

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Now that the NFL has said that Welker's hit on Talib was LEGAL, can we please stop talking about it?

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The Projected Forecast for SB Sunday


I'm pretty sure this is every fourth segment on SportsCenter right now. You don't have to be a dang meteorologist to predict that it's going to be cold in New Jersey on the first Sunday in February. C'mon Man!