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Top 5 Unrestricted Free Agents For New England Patriots

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Top 5 UFAs For the Patriots

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The time has now come to examine the New England Patriots' offseason. Coming off of a 12-4 regular season and a third consecutive appearance in the AFC Championship Game, there does not seem to be the need to change much. However, there are unrestricted free agents for this team that are certainly worth some consideration.

Obviously, the first thing to consider when examining unrestricted free agents is the amount of holes that a team has. Luckily enough, the Patriots do not have too many holes. On the offensive side of the football, one could bang the table for a second tight end. However, if Josh McDaniels decides to run a three-wide-receiver, one-tight-end base offense, it would decrease the immediate need for a second tight end.

Patriots fans probably hope that Nick Caserio brings in a defensive tackle this offseason. But if one looks deeper into the situation, there are internal options at the position. Both Vince Wilfork and Tommy Kelly are still under contract, and Armon Armstead should be healthy. Those three could form a formidable rotation next season.

Then one has to look at the amount of money that the player would ask for. Considering the amount of talented players on the Patriots and the love for Patriots players around the NFL, some of the team's unrestricted free agents are going to be looking for a good chunk of change. That could limit their value when it comes to returning to New England.

Nevertheless, the line must be drawn and the players must be ranked. Here is a list of the top five unrestricted free agents for the Patriots, from least valuable to most valuable.

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5. Ryan Wendell

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Wendell had a pretty poor season in 2013, especially in pass protection. With that being said, bringing him back on a deal that would only guarantee his 2014 salary would be worth a venture.

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4. LeGarrette Blount

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Blount may have impressed in his last few games, but his value in the league should not be as high. He could be a starter on only a small amount of teams.

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3. Brandon Spikes

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Spikes is only a two-down inside linebacker, but he makes himself felt on those downs. He probably will not be back in New England, but should be signed as a cheap starter elsewhere.

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2. Julian Edelman

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In a perfect world, Edelman could resign with the Patriots and be the primary slot receiver. But with Danny Amendola set to return next season, Edelman should be allowed to go elsewhere. Speaking of Amendola, Edelman would be wise to aim for a contract similar to that of his veteran counterpart's.

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1. Aqib Talib

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Talib must be brought back. Only he has the ability to match up against opposing No. 1 wide receivers.