10 NFL Thugs Who Make Richard Sherman Look Like a Saint

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Richard Sherman is Far From a Thug Compared to These 10 NFL Players

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I don't have to give much of a detailed background, but here's the story in a nutshell. Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was labeled as a "thug" by many folks either in the media or on social networks following his post game rant last Sunday. Sherman had just made the play of the game, was pushed away by San Francisco 49ers wideout Michael Crabtree when he extended for a handshake and immediately after the NFC Championship Game he had a few words to get off his chest.

I get it, I really do. Both sides of the argument make perfect sense when you think about it. Sherman's words were bold, blunt and a bit brash. If you were upset by his actions, I understand. However, if you are on his side due to the adrenaline flowing and pride being shown by a guy who just won his team a trip to the Super Bowl, that is just fine by me as well. Like I said, there are understandable motives to feel a certain way about Sherman's comments.

But, calling him a thug? That is crossing the line. He may have been out of line in your eyes, but did he commit a crime? Did he hurt anybody? I don't think so. After all, that's what the definition of a thug is -- a criminal or violent person. Sherman is intelligent. He knows that his questionable actions would start a fire, but that didn't stop him from speaking. He is aware that he'll be under the microscope even further at this point, but maybe that's how he likes it. You've heard it all by now -- Stanford graduate, 3.7 college GPA and a master's degree. He's no idiot; just a fiery competitor who may have chosen to speak in a manner and time that wasn't appropriate in some eyes.

With that said, the term "thug" could indeed be given out around the league in reference to some guys -- but not Sherman. In fact, the following list of 10 NFL players makes Sherman look like Mother Theresa. Enjoy.

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10. Evan Rodriguez

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Almost a year ago, the Chicago Bears released fullback Evan Rodriguez following three charges: Resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and a DUI. Surprisingly, he was given another opportunity.

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9. Brandon Meriweather

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You want to talk about a violent person? Brandon Meriweather is as violent as they come -- on the field. The Washington Redskins safety has continually led with his helmet, no matter how many times the league has fined him. He's also said that he will not change his style of play, though many believe it is deliberate.

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8. Justin Blackmon

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You'd think he would have learned his lesson the first time; you know, after his suspension at the beginning of the season. But, no, that didn't stop Justin Blackmon from violating the league's drug policy again -- resulting in an indefinite suspension.

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7. A.J. Jefferson

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The Minnesota Vikings wisely chose to release defensive back A.J. Jefferson during the 2013 season after he was arrested on a domestic assault charge. There's no place in the NFL for behavior like that.

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6. Cortland Finnegan

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Cornerback Cortland Finnegan is more known around the league as simply a "punk." But, he makes the list just because of his childish temper on the field at times. He loves getting in fights; so if you're ever looking to brush up on those boxing skills, just give him a bit of a hard time. I guarantee you, off comes the helmet and punches will fly.

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5. Ndamukong Suh

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I believe it counts as standard protocol to place the unanimous vote for the dirtiest player in all of football on this list. Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has had no regard for human safety throughout his career, and won't hesitate to kick you, stomp on you or tear your helmet off after the whistle.

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4. Titus Young

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Titus Young is like me. No really, he must be, because I am a checklist guy. I get things done much quicker that way. Drunk driving? Check. Attempt to steal his impounded car? Check. Burglary? Check. Resist arrest? Check. Assault a police officer? Check. Cut from the team? Check.

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3. Michael Boley

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There is a lot to say about a guy charged with child abuse. In a word? Thug.

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2. Aldon Smith

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49ers pass rusher Aldon Smith had a rough year. Being charged with illegal possession of an assault rifle counts as thug-like, right? Throw in a drinking problem and you've got yourself someone who needs a bit more help than Richard Sherman.

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1. Aaron Hernandez

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He won't be playing football for a long, long time. But, Aaron Hernandez is still a fresh enough name to put atop the list -- and I'd say being charged with murder pretty much guarantees the number one spot

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