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Peyton Manning: 5 Reasons Why He Will Go to Pro Football Hall of Fame

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Peyton Manning Has a One Way Ticket to the Hall of Fame

Peyton Manning
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When the sporting world thinks about Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, there is truly no unanimous decision as to what his legacy will be. To some he is the undoubted best quarterback of all time, to others he is a choker in the playoff time and to even a different portion of the sporting world he is simply a very impressive quarterback who will never be on the level of Joe Montana and John Elway. Of course one person could never get the entire sporting world to agree on anything, but the divide when it comes to the legacy of Manning is appalling.

One thing that will not be doubted once Manning retires from the game of football, however, is that he will be a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame the first time his name comes on the ballot. He truly should be a unanimous selection. After all, besides Tom Brady there has not been a quarterback to make their name over the last 15 years who even belongs in the conversation of great quarterbacks alongside No. 18 as his mix of ability, smarts and pure dedication to football have made him a no-brainer to be enshrined in Canton.

But of course there will always be those who doubt Manning and would love to see him blocked from entering the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and for those people I have created a list of the five reasons why No. 18 will be an automatic choice to enter. These reasons will leave no doubt -- as if there was any -- to whether Manning should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and will also serve as a well deserved ode to the career of a football legend.


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5. Pure Statistical Output

Peyton Manning
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One of the top things people look at for entry to the Pro Football Hall of Fame is a player's statistics, and few can match up with Peyton Manning. The quarterback ranks second in NFL history with 64,964 career passing yards and 491 touchdowns, and fourth with a 65.5 completion percentage. If there is one thing that Manning cannot be knocked for it is lighting up the stat-sheet with almost unparalleled success.

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4. Great Durability Throughout Career

Peyton Manning
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Peyton Manning has been almost nearly impossible to take off the field since being drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in 1998 as he has missed only 16 games since entering the league. Furthering this impressive total is that each of these missed games came during the 2011 season when he had multiple neck surgeries that his own doctors warned could force retirement. Fortunately for fans this did not happen, and Manning returned to the NFL in 2012 at the age of 36 to throw for 4,659 yards.

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3. Manning Has Too Many Awards to Count

Peyton Manning
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As one would expect, the ability of Manning to put up great statistics and stay on the field has led to him gaining a massive amount of awards. Amongst these awards are eight AFC Offensive Player of the Year Awards, five AP NFL MVP Awards, one Super Bowl MVP Award, 13 Pro Bowl Appearances and the 2012 NFL Comeback Player of the Year. Of course this is only the tip of the iceberg of awards Manning has received and will certainly pale in comparison to the plaque he will get in Canton one day.

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2. Manning Is A Class Act On and Off the Field

Peyton Manning
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While some people will decry Manning as being too nice, this seems to only be based in jealousy. Throughout his career Manning has never gotten into a squabble with another player or coach on or off the field. He has never been in even the smallest bit of trouble off the field and has even been quite hilarious on numerous shows and commercials. Whether people like it or not, those who vote for the Pro Football Hall of Fame are media members, and they care about athletes' ethics, a test which Manning passes with flying colors.

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1. Innovation of the No-Huddle Offense

Peyton Manning
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When Peyton Manning entered the NFL in 1998 the no-huddle offense was almost never employed, and he has almost single-handedly changed that. Manning may not burn you with his legs, but he set the template for not allowing defenses to set up by calling out plays on the line. In turn, the fast paced offenses he operates burn out opposing defenses. A number of NFL teams try to emulate the template Manning set up with the no-huddle, and they will continue to do so when he enters the Pro Football Hall of Fame.