Richard Sherman Compared to Unlikely Disney Hero By Child, Resulting in Perfect Analogy

By Cody Williams
Sherman child letter
Mark J. Rebilas – USA Today Sports Images

Richard Sherman, the star cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks that will be playing in his first Super Bowl in nine days, has been focused on lately more for his behavior and less because of his play. After his heated post-game interview with Erin Andrews regarding his game-sealing play made while covering Michael Crabtree, he’s been defending himself regularly on television and to the media.

However, a child may have made the best case for Sherman that we’ve seen yet. Late on Thursday night, Sherman sent out this tweet with a message from a young fan of his comparing him to an unlikely subject, Wreck-It Ralph:

The transcript of the letter, as “translated” by FTW, reads like so:

Richard Sherman reminds me of Wreck It Ralph because people think they are both bad guys but they are both really good guys. They are both nice to [unknown] and really smart. Richard Sherman is smart. He went to a good school. He studies football. He saved the game on Sunday. Wreck It Ralph is smart too. He saved Sugar Rush and saved the day. Richard Sherman is nice. He visits sick kids and is nice to [unknown]. Ralph is nice to Venelope. She is a kid. Like they said in Wreck It Ralph, just because people think you are a bad guy doesn’t mean you are a bad guy. I love Richard Sherman and Wreck It Ralph.

In case you aren’t familiar with “Wreck-It Ralph,” it’s a Disney movie released in 2012 that takes place in the world inside arcade games. Ralph is portrayed as the villain in his game, but he’s actually innately good and starts jumping from game-to-game to prove that he’s actually a hero, ultimately doing so by saving a little girl and game called Sugar Rush.

On the surface, comparing Sherman to a character from a Disney movie seems like a stretch. However, the child who wrote the letter actually makes a decent point. Other than his fiery and boisterous on-field actions and demeanor, Sherman is well-spoken, collected, and, for all intents and purposes, a stand-up guy and far from the thug moniker that’s been thrown his way lately.

Even Sherman will admit that his antics in the post-game interview with Andrews  were a bit over-the-top, but that shouldn’t result in the condemnation of one of the best and most competitive players in the NFL getting caught up in the moment. As the kid who penned the letter simply put in quoting the movie, “just because people think you are a bad guy doesn’t mean you are a bad guy.” You don’t have to love Sherman like this kid does, but let’s cool it on acting like he’s the Antichrist come to ruin football.

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