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Peyton Manning and the Top 15 Quarterbacks Without a Winning Playoff Record

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Peyton Manning and 15 Great QBs Without a Winning Playoff Record

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As we get ready to watch the Denver Broncos square off with the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII, much of the conversation has been about quarterback Peyton Manning and how this game affects his legacy. If he wins, does he finally get the other monkey off of his back? So much has been made of Manning’s playoff record and not being able to play in cold weather. Both of those arguments will be squashed if he brings home the Lombardi Trophy in 2014.

If he loses, does his legacy become even more tainted? Only one ring in three tries and simply a mediocre record in the postseason, Manning would definitely never hear the end of it. However, no one will be able to deny his greatness in the regular season, and, he should still be in talks for the best to ever play the game.

The whole debate got us thinking here at Rant Sports. Which quarterbacks could find themselves in a similar conversation as Manning, or, which ones are already amongst it? Everyone has their own opinion on what makes a quarterback great. For every person claiming the Super Bowl be the deciding factor, there is another person willing to quickly utter, “Trent Dilfer.”

This list was compiled, not to belittle the quarterbacks in Manning’s boat, but to praise them for their career achievements while expressing disappointment in their playoff blunder. You will find some of the most memorable names in NFL history in the following group. Without further ado, here are Peyton Manning and the top 15 quarterbacks in league history to not claim a winning postseason record.

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15. Jim McMahon (3-3)

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Jim McMahon was most famous for being the quarterback to lead the Chicago Bears to their 1985 championship. Although the defense did most of the heavy lifting, McMahon will forever be a historical icon when speaking of Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks with excellent dance moves.

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14. Jim Everett (2-3)

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With 203 career touchdowns in 158 games, Jim Everett will always be regarded as one of the top-50 quarterbacks of all-time. Unfortunately, he never won a Super Bowl, nor did he have much playoff experience overall.

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13. Jeff Garcia (2-4)

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Jeff Garcia is a 4-time Pro Bowler and 15th all-time with a career rating of 87.5, but when it came to the playoffs, he never really made a legacy for himself. He did have quite the run with Terrell Owens though, tossing a few of those 161 career touchdowns his way.

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12. Philip Rivers (4-5)

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Philip Rivers’ career isn’t over yet, and he already ranks 25th all-time with 221 touchdowns. His nine playoff games, however, do not include a Super Bowl nor a winning record.

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11. Jake Plummer (2-4)

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Jake Plummer spent the majority of his career with a mediocre Arizona Cardinals team, but still managed to throw 161 touchdowns throughout his 10 seasons. In the playoffs, though, he never had a strong enough team around him to advance far enough.

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10. Bernie Kosar (3-4)

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One of the best players in history, Bernie Kosar couldn’t quite get his teams over the hump in the playoffs as he boasts a record of 3-4 beyond the regular season.

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9. Matt Hasselbeck (5-6)

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Matt Hasselbeck was so close to a ring in Super Bowl XL, but lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers. His 201 career touchdowns rank 36th all-time.

Oh, yeah, also -- "We want the ball and we're gonna score."

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8. Ron Jaworski (4-4)

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ESPN’s prized possession when it comes to in-depth coverage of the NFL never won a ring, and never got himself past the .500 mark in the playoffs when his career was all said and done. Ron Jaworski does have 179 career touchdowns, ranking 52nd in the history of the league.

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7. Steve McNair (5-5)

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The 3-time Pro Bowler and 2003 MVP threw 174 career touchdowns while also rushing for 3,590 yards in his career. It’s safe to say Steve McNair was one of the best two-dimensional quarterbacks of all-time.

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6. Randall Cunningham (3-6)

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A 4-time Pro Bowler and ranking 34th all-time with 207 career touchdowns, Randall Cunningham simply never did well in the postseason. Surely he will go down as one of the top-50 quarterbacks of all-time, but his playoff record was nothing special.

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5. Warren Moon (3-7)

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A whopping 291 career touchdowns for Warren Moon makes him good for 8th all-time. He was a regular at the Pro Bowl, making it nine times altogether. Sadly, for him, the playoffs were never too kind.

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4. Drew Bledsoe (3-3)

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Ah, yes – the injury that launched Tom Brady’s illustrious career. Drew Bledsoe will still be remembered as one of the best passers of all-time, throwing for 251 career touchdowns.

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3. Dan Fouts (3-4)

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Dan Fouts was a 6-time Pro Bowler and boasts a career total of 254 touchdowns thrown. But, unfortunately, he will go down as one of the best ever to not win a Super Bowl as his record struggled in the playoffs.

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2. Dan Marino (8-10)

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Some may say that Dan Marino is the greatest quarterback of all-time to never win a ring, and I wouldn’t blame them. 420 touchdowns (3rd all-time), nine Pro Bowls and three All-Pro selections make Marino by far one of the best quarterbacks ever – regardless of postseason record.

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1. Peyton Manning (11-11)

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Will we finally be able to put this one to rest? If Manning wins Super Bowl XLVIII, he will have gotten himself above .500 in the playoffs and hopefully off of these lists forever. Manning has broken almost every record there is to break for a quarterback, and could go down as the greatest to ever play the game.