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10 Reasons Why the Denver Broncos Are The Most Loveable Team in the NFL

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10 Reasons Why the Denver Broncos Are The NFL's Most Loveable Team

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The organization has been looking forward to this opportunity since the late '90s and the time has finally come.

The Denver Broncos are in the Super Bowl for the first time since they defeated the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl XXXIII and the team could not be more excited to be playing in this year's big game. The organization will be playing in their seventh Super Bowl and hold a record of 2-4 on the big stage with the two wins coming in back-to-back years at the conclusion of the 1997 and 1998 seasons.

But exactly how did this team emerge in the NFL? The team began in 1960 as an AFL team and was not successful at first, but emerged in the 1970s and became a competitive team for years to come. Fans of the team have had many decades of history to witness from the “Orange Crush” defense in the '70s, the dominance in the '80s in the AFC and then the breakthrough in winning it all in the '90s. Many players have had the opportunity to wear the orange and blue in their careers that have had a positive impact on the organization such as Rod Smith, Tom Jackson, Jason Elam, Shannon Sharpe and Terrell Davis to name a few.

While they are not the most popular team in the league, they are one of the more respected franchises and have a lot of history despite being in the league just a little over 50 years. You can love the team or you can hate the team, but here are my 10 reasons the Denver Broncos are the most loveable team in the NFL.

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10. Franchise Season Success

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I mentioned above that the Broncos were slow coming out of the gate when they started, but they have certainly caught up. In fact, in the last 35 years the Broncos have only had six seasons in which they finished below .500. This certainly has helped the franchise gain more popularity and fans in its history.

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9. Success in the 1990s

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Continuing on with the last slide, the breakthrough decade for the Broncos was during the 1990s. During that decade, the Broncos reached the playoffs five times, won the division three times and was the AFC representative in the Super Bowl twice. You could say that the Broncos were clearly the class of the 1990s.

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8. Involvement in the Community

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The Broncos have made an impact off the field as well. Many of the players donate their time to the community by helping out in various places in Denver and the surrounding community. Eric Decker even has his own service project called Decker Dogs for Freedom Service Dogs.

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7. Respect For Other Teams

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I am sure that fans have heard the stories of players trash talking other teams/players and such. The Broncos are perhaps one of the few teams that respect the opponent. Recently, Demaryius Thomas credited Richard Sherman as an intelligent man and looks forward to going up against him, despite his post-game rant in the NFC Championship Game. The team has quite the class, especially Peyton Manning who always looks forward to an opponent and always finds something to work on no matter if it is a win or loss.

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6. Emergence of Tim Tebow

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Okay, I understand that most people are critical of Tim Tebow. But if you look at it, he was the player that really brought the Broncos out of the cellar and brought the team back to the playoffs after a six-year absence. Plus, he was the definition of Mile High Magic during his near full season starting for the Broncos. He was responsible for four consecutive game winning drives. Opponents knew that the Broncos were not out of it as long as the ball was in Tebow's hands. It certainly gave the Broncos something to cheer about during the 2011 season.

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5. Fan Base

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The Broncos have perhaps one of the most loyal fan bases in the entire league. Most of the famous slogans for Broncos fans have been “United in Orange”, “Time To Ride” among others. They have also had special slogans for certain players like “Tebow Time” when the quarterback was playing for the team. They do not target players if the team loses on a real consistent bases. No matter if they are having a good or bad season, you can bet the fans will fill up the seats.

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4. Mile High Magic

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Whenever the Broncos take the field and the game is close, you can always count on a bit of Mile High Magic to take over and help the team. Named for the stadium that the Broncos play in as well as the 5280 feet above sea level elevation, there is always some strange things that have happened when the Broncos needed it the most. Prime example is the man I mentioned earlier in Tebow with his dramatic fourth-quarter comebacks.

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3. Peyton Manning

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There is no doubt that Manning makes this team lovable with his character. No matter if you enjoy watching him play or hate him, it can not be denied that he is perhaps one of the best quarterbacks we have seen play in our generation. Lots of respect to Manning on what he has done in his career.

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2. Back-to-Back Super Bowl Champs

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Going back to their dominance in the '90s, they were able to go back to back and win the Super Bowl two years in a row. This is a feat that is almost impossible to obtain, but being a team to do so gives you a lot of credit as a franchise and they will look to add one more trophy and banner to the franchise's history.

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1. John Elway

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Whenever the Denver Broncos are mentioned, one name comes to mind. That is John Elway, who was the Broncos' most successful quarterback in franchise history. He led the Broncos to six Super Bowls and won two of them and even is going to his first as an office member. If it was not for this man, the Broncos would not be where they are today. This man deserves quite a bit of credit for what he has done for the organization, especially in the past couple years to get the team to this stage in the season. Now he will look forward to watch his years of work develop on the big stage.