The 15 Different Types of Super Bowl Fans

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The 15 Different Types of Super Bowl Fans

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Super Bowl XLVIII is so close that fans around the world can taste it. It’s the greatest sporting event on the planet, and one that people treat very much like a holiday. Whether your team is in it or not it is still fun to take part in the Super Bowl festivities. Of course, the biggest festivity of them all is the Super Bowl party.

NFL fans of all ages will get together with family and friends to celebrate the sport’s biggest game. Obviously, it is an excuse for many to just be around the people they love. This is especially the case if all the members of the party don’t have a favorite team playing in the Super Bowl. Then there are the parties that will contain Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks fans. Those parties will be tense. So much so that people won’t even be able to drink or eat because their stomachs won’t be able to handle it.

One of my favorite parts about Super Bowl parties is noticing all the different types of fans who show up. Think about it. Not everyone is hovered around the television tuned into the game because, believe it or not, a Super Bowl party isn’t just about football. Most parties contain various activities for even the non-football fans to enjoy.

Enclosed in the slideshow are at least 15 different types of Super Bowl fans. Whether you want to admit it, you will fall into one of these categories. Hopefully, it’s a type that the other people at the party can tolerate.

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15. I’m Here for the Commercials Fan

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This is one of the more common fans who you will encounter at a Super Bowl party. Football isn’t really their thing, but you know what is? Those hilarious commercials that people can’t get enough of. While everyone else is mingling, getting a fresh brew or taking a bathroom break, this fan will be glued to the television waiting on pins and needles for the next big laugh.

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14. The Football Enthusiast

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Speaking of being glued to the television, the football enthusiast is there for the same reason many tune in, which is to watch the big game. They’ve sat on their couch for a minimum of three hours every Sunday for 25 weeks (yes, I’m including preseason and the Pro Bowl) because there is nothing better in this world than football. There would have to be some sort of natural disaster for this fan to miss the last game of the season.

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13. Don’t Bother Me While I Watch My Team Fan

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This is the type of fan who, if their team is playing in the Super Bowl, you better stay far away. While everyone else is casually taking in the game, he is smack dead in the middle of the couch with a stress ball in hand. The fan is constantly on the edge of his seat and his back only touches the couch during commercials. Ask him a question during a key moment and a friendship could be ruined.

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12. The Bandwagon Fan

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The bandwagon fan shows up at the Super Bowl party wearing a jersey of one of the teams that’s in the big game, despite the fact that he has never cheered for that team in his life. The fan pretends to know about the players and the strengths/weaknesses of his new favorite team, but the reality is he just wants that feeling of jubilation when his team wins.

This is the worst type of fan out there. If you know of anyone who is a bandwagon fan, do them a favor and help them seek guidance immediately. And if you are a bandwagon fan, then shame on you.

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11. The Pessimist

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The pessimist is probably the worst kind of fan to watch the Super Bowl with if your favorite team is in it. There’s no chance your team will take home the Lombardi Trophy because this guy won’t let it happen. His constant anticipation of the worst possible outcome during every play throws the universe off its axis just enough that a victory will be just a little too far out of reach. Avoid this type of fan at all costs when possible.

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10. Where’s the Beer Fan

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The fan who doesn’t care about the Super Bowl, the commercials, the food or who is even at the party. All he cares about is where the beer is located, how far away from his seat is the cooler, what kind of beer is available and how much is in stock. Basically, the Super Bowl is just one more reason to get plowed, which is something this fan will accomplish before the night is over.

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9. Where’s the Food Fan


Unlike where’s the beer fan, this fan cares solely about what kind of food is available. He will try every appetizer, dish and dessert more than once. Also, he will constantly be seen hovering around the area in which the food is located, which is why no one should be surprised to see that a stool eventually appears next to the appetizer counter.

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8. I Know More About Football Than You Think Fan


This is typically the girlfriend of the die-hard football fan. Out of nowhere, this fan will be able to hold conversations about what is going on in the game and why the quarterback made the wrong read, despite the fact that they’ve never shown much interest in the sport. The truth is this fan doesn’t like watching the game with his or her significant other because the die-hard fan gets a little too crazy during games. Not to mention, football doesn’t consume their life. The last thing they want is for the die-hard fan to know that they are almost as interested in the sport because they don’t want football dominating every conversation. It’s just easier to watch quietly in a separate room.

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7. I Pretend I Know Something About Football Fan

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The fan who rarely watches football on Sundays. In fact, the only time they will sit down and watch a game is when company is over. However, this fan also feels it’s in their best interest to try to hold a conversation about football at a Super Bowl party. They will pretend they know what they’re talking about to fit in but everyone knows they don’t have a clue.

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6. The Halftime Fan

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The fan who barely pays attention during the game and the commercials. However, when the halftime show is ready to begin, this fan finds a comfortable spot on the couch directly in front of the TV. Whether it’s Beyoncé, Prince or Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, this fan will enjoy every second of the extravagant show. And when it’s over, they’ll find themselves in another part of the room once again.

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5. The Let’s Do Anything But Watch Football Fan

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This is a classic type of fan who's only at the Super Bowl party because it’s the conventional thing to do. The truth is he would rather be anywhere else other than at an event that hovers around football. For that reason, he will suggest playing cards, pool, ping pong or even beer pong if that means he won’t have to watch the game.

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4. The Over the Top Fan

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In most cases, there’s a good chance that the "where’s the beer?" fan turns into the over-the-top fan. Basically, this fan freaks out when a referee misses a call and has no problem getting personal about a player’s family members if they screw up on the field. The craziest part about this fan is that he doesn’t have a horse in the race; he just enjoys being overly passionate about his favorite sport.

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3. The I Told You So Fan

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Whether the outcome is one way or the other, the fan will claim to have known what was coming all along. The quarterback used play-action to throw a 30-yard touchdown pass? I told you so. Coach called the Statue of Liberty play for the game-winner? I totally saw that one coming. Even though you can’t recall a time where he called out anything before it happened, apparently he told you so.

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2. The Bitter Fan

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The fan who nobody wants to be around because he’s bitter his team isn’t in the big game. He still wants to take part in the Super Bowl, but he will make sure that everyone is aware how much better his team would have done in the contest.

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1. The Gambler

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The fan who is actually a lot of fun to be around. It is one thing to bet on the outcome of the game, but it’s another to place wagers on who will have the first turnover, when the referees will make the first bad call and if the person singing the National Anthem will actually get all of the words right. The fan likes to watch the game just as much as you, but it’s just more fun when there’s a little something riding on the game.