Who Should New England Patriots Fans Root For In The Super Bowl?

Super Bowl XLVIII

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Who should New England Patriots fans be rooting for in Super Bowl XLVIII? Patriots fans have been lucky enough to see their team go to seven Super Bowls, winning three of them. The Patriots have been remarkably consistent for the past 20 years under the ownership of Robert Kraft, but after a lackluster performance in the AFC Championship, the Patriots (minus Tom Brady) and their fans will be watching the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks play in the Super Bowl this season.

Back to the question, who should Patriots fans root for?

The case for Seattle:

Do Patriots fans really want Peyton Manning to win another Super Bowl ring? Yes, Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, but he is not the greatest of all time. Brady is better than Manning, and Manning winning another Super Bowl ring (he would be the first QB to do so with two different teams) will not change that in my mind, but it will give more ammunition to the Peyton lovers. Is that something Patriots fan want? It’s already tiring having to argue with the people who believe Manning is the GOAT. He’s not, and another Super Bowl ring will not change that. Get over it.

Then there’s Pete Carroll. The Seahawks head coach was the Patriots head coach from 1997-99, and while the Patriots only went 27-21 during his tenure, I am a fan of Carroll. I know not everyone likes him,  but I do. He is energetic and clearly loves the game of football. What Carroll did for Jake Olson while Carroll was the head coach at USC was incredibly heartwarming. Carroll may not be perfect, but he is someone athletes want to play for and he truly enjoys the game of football. It would be fun to see Carroll win the Super Bowl.

Then there’s Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. Wilson is a young man who is mature beyond his years. He is a positive influence in the Seattle community and he and his wife do a great deal of charity work. I’ve never met him, but Wilson seems like an engaging young man who is easy to root for. Almost every so-called expert said Wilson was too short (he’s 5-foot-11) to play, but at the college level (at North Carolina State and Wisconsin) or NFL, all he has done is win and it’s been fun to watch.

The case for Denver:

I don’t dislike Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (even after his post NFC Championship tirade), so that is not a reason (at least for me) to root for Denver. Sherman can be a little too in your face at times, and I dislike his taunting of Brady, but overall, Sherman is a breath of fresh air in the NFL and he can back up his talk with his play on the field.

The Broncos beat the Patriots in the AFC Championship game. Shouldn’t Patriots fans want their team to be beaten by the Super Bowl champions? Maybe it stings a little less if your team loses to the eventual champions.

I’m a die-hard Patriots fan and even though Wes Welker‘s hit on Aqib Talib was cheap and should have been flagged, I still don’t hate him. Seeing someone who played so well for the Patriots win a Super Bowl would be kind of cool.

Okay, after all of that, it’s easy for me, a die-hard Patriots fan, to decide who to root for.

Go Seahawks! Sorry for the jinx, Seattle fans.

Seattle-30 Denver-26

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  • TomPained

    In this game, there is no win/win situation I can come up with. I find the Seahawks to be a dirty mouthy team. Weren’t they the penalized? Did any team have more players suspended this year?

    I liked the reborn George Foreman over the early Ali. George treated his opponents with respect, and after knocking them out, he’d say things along the lines of “he hit me hard, I knew I couldn’t let him hit me again or I might go down. He was standing between me and my hamburger, and I knew I had to knock him out, because he was tough and strong. I was fortunate enough to have an opening and connect.”

    I also like the saying, “Act like you’ve been there before, and you expect to be there again.” Guys like Sherman, remind me of Shaq when he was young going up against Trailblazers Arvydas Sarbonis. Shaq was 8 years younger. Sarbonis was 31 when he joined the Blazers. Shaq thought he was hot stuff, beating up on an old man, mainly by laying his weight on him for most of the game. When Sarbonis retired, Shaq called himself the “Deporter” because Sarbonis retired to his home in Lithuania.

    When Shaq was in his twilight years, he discovered who hard it was staying in pro sports at past thirty, especially as a “big man”. Sherman, if he’s lucky will play into his late 20′s early 30′s. Let’s see just how mouthy he is then.

    As a Brady Fan, I can’t stand the thought of that big forehead hoisting the Lombardi. Forget the GOAT talk, imagine all of the commercials. I retch at the thought of Pappa Johns, can’t eat Oreos, and don’t have a Mastercard anymore. What else can he ruin?

    • https://twitter.com/jasmine2sable jasmine duvall

      I’m tired of the Mannings, all of them, the whole football dynasty family. I think Peyton should retire…period!!!!

      • justin lecroy

        I’m with you 100%. I hate them MF too. I’m a Raider first but always liked TB and Pats. The tuck rule still hurts though. But I hate Denver and PM with a passion. He is great but Brady better off. He’s made his rep better the last few years and Brady has hurt his especially the last three PO years. But look at entire career, being clutch, and Brady has done more with less than any one especially the first half of his career. It was 2007 before he had real weapons. This year was miracle they went as far with no one to catch this year. I don’t buy all that “class and well spoken” routine BS. I call it media savvy and PC. They’re all about image and BS. They remind me of politicians. They want the ads and the lights and praise. Humble my ass. I hated the way Archie went and licked ass when PM was at UT campaigning all the time. They made him out to be a great hero for returning to UT as an example to others. That’s easy when you’re already rich unlike other guys. Ever notice how they always in suits, ties, and hair perfect for every little thing. They never have anything enlightening to say just scripted statements. I like Carrol, Sherman, and the way Hawks play. It’s nice to see real passion, fun, excitement, and honesty for a change. Hope Sherman gets 3 pick6 and MVP. I can’t stand those stupid looks they give either. If they win he’ll go up there talking PC BS we heard a 1000 MF times. I’m sick of that and hate Brady doesn’t have at least 1 more.