10 Takeaways From 2014 NFL Postseason

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10 Takeaways From 2014 NFL Postseason

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The postseason has come and gone in seemingly the blink of an eye, and it sure has been a treat. Young players on offense and defense have stepped to the forefront, and we are starting to see the emergence of some potential powerhouses now and going forward.

The championship games (specifically in the NFC) was one for the ages. The Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers are two hard-hitting, loaded squads on both sides of the ball who won't be going anywhere anytime soon. The competition better watch out.

In the AFC Peyton Manning took down his nemesis, and he now looks to truly exercise his demons by winning his second Super Bowl. He would certainly go down as one of if not the greatest of all time if he did that. Will it be his swan song? Only time will tell.

Regardless, there is never a dull moment this time of year in the NFL, and that was no different this season. Get used to some of these teams as they will be here for years to come. What's fun about each and every season is that certain teams and players surprise us.

This season that distinction goes to the Philadelphia Eagles. Nick Foles came out of nowhere to be one of the most efficient quarterbacks in the history of the game, and Chip Kelly and his offensive philosophies aren't going anywhere. The NFC East just got that much more competitive.

The playoffs have opened up eyes and exposed each team's weaknesses and strengths as the tournament always does. Let's take a look at 10 takeaways from this year's postseason.

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10. The Philadelphia Eagles Are Coming

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The Philadelphia Eagles finally look set at the quarterback position with Nick Foles coming to the forefront in a big way. They also have a head coach in Chip Kelly who really knows his offense which is bad news for the rest of the NFC East. If the Eagles plug a few holes on defense they could be an NFC East powerhouse.

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9. Colin Kaepernick Fails In The Clutch Again

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Colin Kaepernick has a chance to make a play in the dying seconds and fails to do so. Sound familiar? It is the same way the movie ended last February in the Super Bowl. This time Kaepernick threw a crucial interception right into the hands of Richard Sherman. It may not have been a bright idea to throw at the league's top corner. Kaepernick had three picks overall and just didn't look very effective in the passing game. He has a lot to work on this offseason.

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8. Kansas City Chiefs' Defense Is Overrated

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The Kansas City Chiefs were touted as having a solid defense all season long, but it got exposed in the postseason. Andrew Luck torched the Chiefs' secondary as the Colts engineered a massive comeback. The Chiefs need to rid themselves of Marcus Cooper and look for a corner who can get the job done on the outside.

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7. Andrew Luck Not Quite Ready For The Big Time

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Andrew Luck did some brilliant things in his second taste of the postseason, but he also made a ton of mistakes. Luck threw a whooping seven interceptions in two postseason games which is almost as many as he had thrown in the entire regular season. It ended up being he and the Colts' undoing. If Luck wants to go to the big dance he is going to have to take much better care of the football.

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6. Tom Brady Needs More Weapons

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It was as plain as day for anyone to see. Tom Brady needs weapons. Yes he did struggle in the AFC Championship Game, but that had a lot to do with his receivers not creating any separation in man coverage. The Patriots need to actively pursue wide receivers in the offseason. Upgrades over guys like Danny Amendola and Aaron Dobson are desperately needed.

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5. Peyton Manning's Ultimate Legacy Rides On This Super Bowl

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Peyton Manning has made it back to his third Super Bowl, and boy is it a big one. Manning will want to win this one to really cement his legacy. If he loses his second Super Bowl he will still be a legend, but his status as one of the greatest of all time will be dicey at best.

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4. Richard Sherman Steps Into Spotlight

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Rest of the world, meet Richard Sherman. While some casual fans may not have known who the corner is they certainly do now. His play in the big NFC Championship Game to seal it up and his foaming of the mouth afterward assured that. Maybe that was part of the plan for Sherman. He certainly seems to like hearing himself talk. Regardless, Sherman has arrived, and he'll make sure everyone else knows that too.

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3. Seattle Seahawks' Defense Is For Real

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The Seattle Seahawks have a punishing defensive unit. Their defensive line gets after it, and the back end covers like a blanket. They can simply dominate on any given Sunday. Anyone who says the days of great defense are all but over needs to watch this team play.

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2. Denver Broncos May Have Greatest Offense Ever

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The Denver Broncos are simply a well oiled machine offensively. They churn out first downs at will, dominate time of possession and most importantly put points on the scoreboard at a historic clip. Their 606 points is an all time record, and we are witnessing the greatest offense in NFL history.

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1. Roger Goodell Needs To Reexamine Replay System

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There was an absolutely atrocious call in the NFC Championship Game that bears monitoring. The San Francisco 49ers clearly recovered a fumble, but the Seahawks came in well after the play should have been blown dead and were awarded possession of the football. Since the play was deemed to be not reviewable there was nothing anyone could do.

This has to change. Any plays that are a change of possession must be reviewed. That bogus call may just have cost the 49ers the game and a chance to go back to the Super Bowl.