How Would New England Patriots Fans Feel About Wes Welker Winning a Super Bowl?

By Dan Charest
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There are two types of New England Patriots fans out there. Those who want Wes Welker and his Denver Broncos to win Super Bowl XLVIII and those who do not. What could happen Sunday evening in the Meadowlands could make the New England’s AFC Championship loss a little more tough to stomach or ease the transition into the offseason.

The 5-foot-9 undrafted slot receiver was one of Tom Brady‘s treasured pass catchers, hauling in an average of 112 receptions in six seasons in Foxborough. Combine that with his resilient toughness and flare for reliability, and Welker became one of the most beloved players on a team full of popular players. Fans who remember Welker for those qualities will be pleased with the 10-year veteran finally getting a Super Bowl ring that deceived him in New England.

But Welker was not that reliable. The grouchiest of the Patriots faithful remember Welker not as the best receiver in franchise history, but the guy who dropped a Brady pass with 4:06 to go in Super Bowl XLVI that would have sealed the world championship. If you root for New England and feel this malcontent way, you are rooting against Welker, for if you as a Patriots fan could not see your favorite team win the Super Bowl with Welker, you will not want to see him win one with your chief rival.

That may be the biggest reason why New England would root against Welker, but there are other subtle reasons to cheer for the Seattle Seahawks. Welker left the franchise who made him a star in unhealthy fashion and it later came to bite Bill Belichick in the butt, for the argument could be made that if Welker stayed in New England, the Patriots would be in the Super Bowl, not Denver.

To boot, if Denver takes care of business against Pete Carroll and the Seahawks, that would mean Peyton Manning would have his second Super Bowl title, and the conversation is then again open between who is the better quarterback: Manning or Brady? It would be ironic to see if Welker makes the winning catch because he would play an integral role on who may be the better in the history of the NFL.

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