Peyton Manning Will Silence Cold Weather Critics in Super Bowl

By Connor Muldowney
Peyton Manning
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Okay, we get it — it’s going to be cold for the Super Bowl. We also get the frustration of many fans who say that Super Bowls shouldn’t be played outside in cold weather, but the players don’t care. Oh yeah, and Peyton Manning can’t wait to shut up the critics who say he can’t win in cold weather conditions. Get ready.

As a top-three quarterback all time, Manning has still had his fair share of haters and doubters. People refuse to give him credit as one of the top quarterbacks of all time because he only has one Super Bowl win ever. Well, he has one more than a lot of elite quarterbacks get in their careers.

Yes, one Super Bowl ring doesn’t exactly stand out, but he is a 13-time Pro Bowl QB, five-time MVP, eight-time AFC Offensive Player of the Year, four-time NFL passing touchdowns leader and three-time AFC champion.

So where does this cold weather put him? He’s still at the top. Is he fretting because it will be in the 30 degree range? Not one bit.

As an elite quarterback in this league, Manning could care less about the weather. Sure, it could affect his throwing ability a bit, but will it be a difference-maker in whether the Denver Broncos win or lose? No.

The weather means nothing. For those of you who say Manning can’t win in colder conditions, check his career stats. Sure, he played indoors with the Indianapolis Colts, but there are eight away games each year. He has the all-time stats to be considered the best QB of all time and he didn’t do it all in favorable weather.

For those of you who think the Seattle Seahawks have the advantage because it will be cold — get real. This is Manning’s Super Bowl to lose and he will make sure that doesn’t happen.

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