Super Bowl XLVIII: Can Marshawn Lynch Take Over the Big Game?

By Ryan Wenzell
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Marshawn Lynch has earned his moniker “The Beast.” The big guy has a combination of everything. Power, speed, elusiveness. It is very rare for a running back to have all three. Lynch, truth be told, may be the most talented back in football.

He isn’t talked about in the same light as guys like Adrian Peterson and LeSean McCoy, but he should be. Lynch does most of his damage in the postseason. It’s like he has another gear when the months grow colder.

Lynch may be the x-factor in this Super Bowl. The Seattle Seahawks offense seems to struggle when Lynch isn’t playing well or the run game is stopped. When Lynch is going strong everything else is opened up, including the down field passing game. This is what makes Lynch so critical to the Seahawks’ success.

The Denver Broncos are clearly going to key in on Lynch. They may not respect the Seahawks’ passing game and the Seahawks lately haven’t given them much reason to. I think Lynch is going to have to take over this game if the Seahawks want to succeed on offense and ultimately win this game.

No doubt Russell Wilson is going to have to make his share of plays. Lynch will have to dominate on the ground, though, to open up everything else. Percy Harvin‘s return may help with the stacked 7 and 8 man boxes Lynch is sure to see.

Regardless, Lynch and his ability to take this game over with his dynamic running skills may be the difference between the Seahawks sulking or celebrating with the Lombardi Trophy this Sunday.

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