Super Bowl XLVIII: Will Return of Percy Harvin Be the Difference For Seattle Seahawks?

By Ryan Wenzell
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Percy Harvin makes his return to the football field. It comes in the penultimate game. Harvin simply adds a whole new dimension to this offense. What we have seen in prior weeks with the Seattle Seahawks was the total reliance on Marshawn Lynch and the running game with very little down field explosiveness in the passing game.

Harvin could potentially change all that. When healthy, he is one of the more dangerous players in football. He is quick, fast and can take one to the house at a moment’s notice. That is the one thing the Seahawks have been lacking in recent weeks.

Harvin truly could be the difference in this game. If he and Russell Wilson make plays and the offense can be an efficient unit, that gives the defense a bit of a comfort zone. It also gives them the license to take chances they normally wouldn’t. This could potentially mean interceptions, fumbles or a game changing defensive play of any sort.

This should be an interesting game of cat and mouse between a dominant offense and a dominant defense. However, the Seahawks offense is the wild card here. If they can perform up to their capabilities with Harvin in the lineup and a scintillating running game with Lynch, there is no telling how this game could go.

Harvin’s return is a good thing for this game. It adds another dimension for the Seahawks. Watch for Harvin to make some game changing plays and possibly take home the Super Bowl MVP if the Seahawks manage to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

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