Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Makes His Super Bowl 2014 Pick Known

By Andrew Fisher
Rob Ford
Getty Images

Even if you don’t watch the news or give the slightest crap about politics, you’ve probably heard the name Rob Ford in the last year. He’s the mayor of the fourth largest city in North America, Toronto. But unfortunately for the citizens of Toronto, Ford isn’t known for being a game-changing politician. For the most part, he’s known as the punchline for many jokes on late night talk shows. Why? He’s admittedly smoked crack.

Even Jeopardy isn’t holding back when it comes to this guy:

Rob Ford

Now, Ford is making headlines with his Super Bowl XLVIII pick. No, he didn’t just state his pick, he proclaimed it loudly with a bright orange jersey during a press conference:

Rob Ford

So there you have it, the Denver Broncos will win the Super Bowl thanks to Mayor Ford picking them… or not.

This viral photo is prompting many to ask the very important question of – who’s worse for Canada? Rob Ford or Justin Bieber? It’s certainly a toss up at this point.

As for his pick of the Broncos, I like it and agree with him 100 percent. I think this is Peyton Manning‘s game to lose. He’s shown that he’s on a mission to win his second Super Bowl and I don’t even think cold temperatures can derail him this year. Broncos fans should be much more worried about the Seahawks defense than the weather. Richard Sherman is much more of a nuisance than a cold brisk wind.


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