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15 Reasons Why You Know You’re a Fan of the New York Jets

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15 Reasons Why You Know You're a Fan of the New York Jets

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Being a New York Jets fan isn’t easy. This is a franchise that has a long and tortured history, with its only Super Bowl victory coming in just the eighth year of its existence. In the 45 years since that one moment of glory, the Jets and their fans have suffered through mostly mediocrity with plenty of rough seasons and not so many good ones.

Making matters worse, in recent times the Jets have been forced to watch their crosstown rival New York Giants win two Super Bowls, adding to the little brother perception forced upon the team. Even worse than that is the success of the Jets’ biggest rival, the New England Patriots. The teams have swapped many coaches and players over the years, making the link between the two franchises even tighter and the sting of the Patriots’ success that much worse.

Despite the tough times, the Jets have enjoyed watching plenty of great players throughout the years, and this remains a fan base that has very few equals in the NFL. Not many fans are as loyal or passionate as those of the Jets. Jets fans are a group that is very knowledgeable about the game, and unlike most fan bases, they are actually capable of taking a realistic view of their team.

This list comprises some of the most important moments in franchise history, as well as some of the ups and downs of emotions that every Jets fan has gone through. As any Jets fan will tell you, these are the things that make us who we are as sports fans.

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15. You Hate Being Called the Little Brother

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We get it, the Giants have a better history than the Jets. They also had a 35 year head start on building their franchise, but who’s counting? It’s always tough to get out of the shadow, but most Jets fans would agree that the Giants aren’t as good as they like to think they are.

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14. You Used to Think This Guy Was a Folk Hero, Now He's Just a Quitter

fireman ed
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Fireman Ed was our most famous fan and the leader of the “J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets” chant, until one day he just decided to quit leading the cheer. C’mon man. The rest of us have suffered with this team just as much as you, but we’re not giving up.

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13. You Love Tailgating and Yelling at Opposing Fans

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Jets fans are many things, but hospitable to opposing fans is not one of them. Maybe this is part of our reputation as the meanest fan base this side of Philly, but hey, who doesn’t like to have a few cold ones in the parking lot and remind the guy in the wrong jersey how much his team sucks. Besides, we probably won’t get to do it once the game starts.

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12. You Refused to Call This Place Giants Stadium

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The old stadium may have officially been known as Giants Stadium, but no Jets fan would call it that. It was the Meadowlands, and no I don’t even remotely care that that was only the name of the complex. Luckily, MetLife Stadium has ended this problem.

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11. You Boo all the Jets' Draft Picks, Even When You Like Them

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Booing the team’s first round pick has become a Jets fan tradition at the draft, even when we actually think it’s a pretty good choice. Ironically, the last player we were really happy about was Mark Sanchez, and that worked out so well.

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10. Of Course, You Boo Because You Know What's Probably Going to Happen

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The biggest reason we boo is history. Ken O’Brien over Dan Marino, Blair Thomas over Emmitt Smith and Vernon Gholston over any semi-competent player are the most famous mistakes in Jets’ history, but the team’s drafts are filled with disastrous high draft choices and Pro Bowlers going to other teams three picks later. Can you blame us for having low expectations?

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9. You Think Everyone Unfairly Hates Your Team

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One thing I will never understand is the nationwide hate the Jets have received the last few seasons, and I think most Jets fans would agree the team has been an undeserved target for a long time. I mean really ESPN, 32nd in the power rankings? Have you ever actually watched them play? The terrible perception of the Jets (both on and off the field) is made worse by the nauseating praise heaped on the all-mighty and perfect Patriots. By the way, do you know which franchise has had more players arrested since the year 2000? (Hint: it’s not the Jets).

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8. You'll Never Look at Something Scribbled on a Napkin the Same Way Again

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Speaking of the Patriots, imagine how different things could have been. When Bill Parcells retired from the Jets, his hand-picked successor was Bill Belichick, who of course famously bailed about five minutes before his introductory press conference by writing “I resign as HC of NYJ” on a napkin. Way to keep it classy Bill.

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7. Your Favorite Players are Blue Collar

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If Jets fans love and respect anyone, it’s the guys who bust their tails every day and play harder than anyone. There’s a reason guys like Wayne Chrebet, Curtis Martin, Joe Klecko, Mark Gastineau and Al Toon are franchise legends.

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6. You'll Always Wonder What If Mo Lewis Had Just Let Drew Bledsoe Go?

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Both Jets and Patriots fans will never forget Week 2 of the 2001 season, when Drew Bledsoe was clearly on his way out of bounds and Mo Lewis gave him a shot to the chest anyway. Bledsoe left the game with internal bleeding, was replaced by Tom Brady, and the rest is history. Jets fans are cursed by that moment.

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5. You Can't Stand These Two. Probably More Than Anyone or Anything

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If you’re a Jets fan, a picture as simple as this makes your blood boil. There are a lot of words I’d like to use to describe these two that aren’t family friendly, but insufferable, arrogant jerks will suffice for this setting. Don’t get me wrong, I fully respect everything they’ve accomplished, but that doesn’t mean I have to like them.

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4. You Do Believe in Miracles

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One of the greatest memories for Jets fans, particularly those of us who weren’t alive for Super Bowl III, is the Monday Night Miracle. The Jets trailed the Miami Dolphins 30-7 heading to the fourth quarter on Monday Night Football, and came back to win in overtime following the famous game tying, juggling touchdown reception by tackle Jumbo Elliott. No Jets fan who witnessed that comeback will ever forget that night.

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3. Same Old Jets is Your Motto

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Probably the single most common phrase among Jets fans is “same old Jets”. It’s our way of saying this team sucks, again. The franchise keeps making the same mistakes, and we keep watching them crash and burn. Guess we’re all gluttons for punishment.

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2. Super Bowl III is Either Your Favorite Sports Memory or Something You Really Wish You Were Alive For

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The Jets’ 16-7 win over the Baltimore Colts in 1969 is the one of the greatest upsets in NFL history and the crowning achievement for this franchise. Sadly, it is the one and only Super Bowl the Jets have won, meaning that two generations of Jets fans have not been able to see such success. For those of us that weren’t alive for this game, all we can do is hope it happens again.

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1. You May be a Perpetually Frustrated Pessimist, but You are as Loyal as it Gets

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Jets fans tend to be rather pessimistic about their team, probably because years of losing have lowered expectations. However, we remain an exceptionally loyal fan base, and the Jets have sold out nearly every home game in the last 30 years. Say whatever you will about us, but Jets fans love this team more than anything and believe that it will eventually become successful, and there isn’t anything that’s going to change that.

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