Jahvid Best Joins Long List of Players To Sue NFL Over Concussions

By Andrew Fisher
Jahvid Best
Getty Images

It’s been clear for awhile now that Jahvid Best‘s NFL career is over. The speedy running back had lots of promise coming out of Cal back in 2010, but just two years later, his playing days were already behind him thanks to concussions. Now, Best has joined the long list of former players who have sued the NFL over concussion-related issues.

The Detroit Free Press has reported that the former RB will sue the league and helmet-making company Riddell. This has unfortunately become a popular thing to do, as Best becomes just the latest notable former player to file the same two suits.

Can you really blame players like Best? I certainly don’t. While the risks of playing football have been somewhat known for a long time now, the true risks of repeated blows to the head are just now becoming known. Even back in 2010 when Best entered the league, there wasn’t near as much information and publicity surrounding concussions.

Think of it this way: if you took a job with an employer and they didn’t disclose all the known risks of that job – would you sue if you were suffering from job-related hazards? Would you jump on a class action lawsuit if new information became available about a job hazard? I think most people would.

Don’t hate on Jahvid Best for trying to secure one last payday from the NFL. The league has plenty of money to hand out and it should financially assist former players who have altered their lives by playing football.


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