Oakland Raiders' 2013 Report Card By the Numbers

By Carlton Chin
Oakland Raiders
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In a previous article I reviewed the 2013 Oakland Raiders‘ season. The Raiders and owner Mark Davis are getting their ducks lined up by confirming that head coach Dennis Allen will lead the team in 2014. In addition, much of the coaching staff has been signed for the upcoming season. For better or worse, the Raiders and their fans are going with GM Reggie McKenzie and coach Allen at least for one more season. It’s a new year, and in many ways the 2014 season has already begun.

In this article, I’ll give a quick report card of the 2013 Raiders’ season. These grades apply a version of baseball’s “wins over replacement.” In particular, the report card grades are mostly based on Win Probability Added, or WPA, developed by the website AdvancedNFLstats.com.

WPA, as the name suggests, is a statistic that computes the impact on the probability of winning that game for each play. WPA can be computed to study the impact of player performance. I used WPA to compare various team categories to league averages and came up with the following grades:

  • Quarterbacks: C
  • Receivers: B
  • Running Backs: B+
  • Offensive Line: A
  • Special Teams: B-
  • Defensive Line: B-
  • Defensive Backs: B+
  • Safeties: B

In upcoming articles, I’ll drill down further and take a closer look at the performance of various team categories.  As I compare results to league averages and look at the importance of various positions, the results can have important implications for draft and trade strategies.

I would enjoy hearing your thoughts, especially as the draft approaches.

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