Practicing Outside is Good Move by Denver Broncos

By Tylor Walden
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos have arrived at the east coast as they prepare for the Super Bowl. Where did they practice on the first day? In the great outdoors.

John Fox and the coaching staff held practice at the New York Jets‘ practice facilities outdoors while the Seattle Seahawks practiced inside at the New York Giants‘ facilities. I’m not certain if both teams are going to switch between indoors and outdoors, but I believe that the Broncos practicing outdoors is going to give them the edge when the game is played on Sunday. With the weather set to be cold throughout the week, it gives the team the chance to get used to playing in cold weather just in case it calls for it.

The Broncos have been used to practicing outdoors most of the season, so it makes sense why they would go under the saying, “do not fix what is not broken.” Also going full speed with the game plan for the Super Bowl also helps the Broncos. This shows the team is more than eager to have everything squared away so that they can be as well prepared as possible. As the saying goes, the team that is the most prepared is the one who has the advantage.

The Broncos will be looking to win their third Super Bowl title, their first since the end of the 1998 season, and they are taking every step to making sure that the dream becomes a reality when it is all said and done on Sunday night.

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