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Super Bowl 2014: 5 Most Common Questions To Expect On Media Day for Peyton Manning

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5 Most Common Questions To Expect For Peyton Manning on Media Day

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Super Bowl XLVIII is just five days away, but for Tuesday's agenda, the players and coaches will focus less on the playbooks and more on answering questions -- some obvious and repetitive -- about their lives leading up to the big show. I am curious to see how many different variations of responses Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman can come up with on the remarks he made about Michael Crabtree following an NFC Championship win against the San Francisco 49ers. And believe it or not, with this being a game featuring two states that have recently legalized marijuana, even the controversial question of how the coaches felt about the NFL's consideration to allow it for medicinal purposes came up in questioning already on media day. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll gave his take, voicing his support. Russell Wilson, a former pupil of the Manning Passing Academy, was even asked earlier today about his current hairstyle. Wilson referred to it as a "Michael Jackson/ Bruno Mars" combination. So no matter the question -- fashion sense, religious views, what have you -- the players must strap on their best smiles and have the best jokes ready to use on cue.

The big star of this momentous occasion for all journalists and sports news outlets will no doubt be Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. With this being his third trip to the Super Bowl in his career, Manning has had plenty of practice in front of the cameras. He also has had plenty of experience answering many questions, especially the the repetitive ones. So here is a look at the most abused questions to expect all day for Manning.

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5. What Will A Win Like This Mean For Your Legacy?

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It seems like this question has been thrown around a lot this season. Manning shattered many records in 2013 and beat three-time Super Bowl champ Tom Brady two weeks ago to claim his third career AFC title. When asked, this was Manning's response:

“I’ve been being asked about my legacy since I was about 25-years-old. I’m not sure you can have a legacy when you’re 25-years-old or even 37. I thought you had to be like 70 to have a legacy. I’m not 100 percent sure what the word even means.”

Peyton already has a giant playbook embedded in his brain, so according to him, there is no room for the word “legacy.”

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4. If You Win on Sunday, Would You Consider Yourself Better Than Your Brother Eli?

Who is Better
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When you are part of a family that already has quite the pedigree of NFL quarterbacks, one has to ask which Manning brother would be considered the best. Eli Manning may have the upper hand with two rings for now, but I don’t think Peyton’s inner sibling rivalry for his little brother will come out today -- though it would be a “cute” feature story angle.

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3. Can You Please Tell Us What Omaha Means?

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Is it a run play? Is it a pass play? Please tell us your secret!

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2. Should We Expect a Bud Light in Your Hand Following a Super Bowl Win?

Bud Light
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Peyton mentioned the first thing he wants to do after a Super Bowl win is to enjoy a refreshing ice cold beer. I’m sure Bud Light will be all over the idea of having some product placement on field following the Super Bowl.

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1. Will This Be the Last Time We See You In An NFL Uniform?

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Peyton has overcome a lot in the last two years which includes enduring multiple neck surgeries. He has mentioned returning next season, but the thought that he has the opportunity to go out on top as a two-time Super Bowl champ would be a better story. So why not ask the question?