Tim Tebow's Broadcasting Career is Growing Quickly; Former QB to Co-Host GMA

By Andrew Fisher
Tim Tebow
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When it comes to polarizing sports figures, Tim Tebow is arguably still the most polarizing. Even though he hasn’t played a meaningful NFL snap in two years, people still talk about him like he’s a star. He still is a star, but now he’s a different kind of star.

The former QB of course made headlines a few weeks back when he agreed to an analyst deal with ESPN. Tebow signed on to be an SEC football analyst and you can’t really argue about whether he’s qualified for that job. No matter your opinion of his play in the NFL, there’s no denying that the guy was an SEC and college football star.

Now, it appears his broadcasting career is getting a boost, even after just a few weeks in the industry. Tebow is slated to co-host the popular national show Good Morning America this Friday to give his two cents on the Super Bowl.

Many will say that he has no place talking about pro football and especially about pro football’s biggest game. But from ABC’s point of view, there’s no better man for the job. People are drawn to Tebow, whether he knows what he’s talking about or not. If he’s talking, people will be listening and discussing on social media. That’s what Disney is after. That’s why they employ him.

So like him or not, Tebow is going to be coming into your living room an awful lot in the near future. He seems to be a natural fit as a broadcaster and unlike his tenure in the NFL, he’ll only get better with time.


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