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5 Reasons Why Richard Sherman Won Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day

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Five Reasons Why Richard Sherman Won Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day

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In the history of the NFL, there may not have been a postgame outburst that was as electric, shocking and that started as much debate as Richard Sherman going off on Michael Crabtree of the San Francisco 49ers. When one watched that ending, you really almost couldn't believe that it had actually happened. It looked liked it completely took FOX reporter Erin Andrews by surprise. She seemed genuinely concerned that perhaps someone randomly had said something to Sherman.

The rant, which has now become infamous, has put Sherman in a bad light. Some people figure that just because he is an African-American who happens to be from Compton, he must be some sort of "punk" or as some broadcasters have labelled him, a thug. This is definitely not indicative of the person who he really seems to be. He is by all accounts a very articulate and intelligent human being who graduated from Stanford University. He also is extremely competitive, and that fire showed after he tipped a last-second pass that turned into an interception for the Seahawks to clinch Seattle's ticket to the Super Bowl. Yet, he has been raked over the coals due to his comments.

On Media Day, I think a lot of people were waiting and perhaps a little bit worried about what Sherman was going to say. After all, that is the time before the Super Bowl, where one can get a chance to speak and everyone in the media world will hear what you are saying. However, Sherman didn't do anything or say anything remotely controversial. As a matter of fact, he might have even won some fans over. Here are five reasons why Richard Sherman won Super Bowl Media Day.

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5. His Intelligence

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He knows that the world is watching and he is smart enough to know that he should portray himself in a certain way. The short spurt that America got to see of him after the NFC Championship was not the person he is, and he knows this. Speaking articulately and calmly on Media Day was one of the best ways to quiet a lot of the controversy. I think he knocked down a lot of perceptions that people had about him, and he was smart enough to know that.

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4. His Maturity

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He came across as extremely likeable and professional. He even apologized for what he said about Crabtree, basically saying that it was wrong to put another man down. The fact that he didn't hide or run away from the incident shows a real sense of maturity.

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3. Sherman's Humility

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He came across as someone that everyone could relate to. For a player that gained such a reputation so quickly for being arrogant, he showed a lot of humility and even a sense of humor. The angry man that had some people reeling was replaced by someone you could hang out with for a really good, insightful conversation.

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2. How articulate he was

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He made us think and hopefully opened some minds. There are still a lot of stereotypes in our society and one of them is that when an African-American gets angry, they are immediately considered uneducated, a gangster or some sort of threat. Sherman showed that he is an articulate Ivy League College graduate who addressed these issues in a thoughtful, introspective manner. Not every black athlete gets angry just because they are an angry person. Sometimes, one reacts in the heat of the moment, and that's what Sherman did.

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1. His team-first approach

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Trash talking sometimes is a really good way to get your opponent all fired up, and it can easily backfire. Before you know it, you and your teammates are getting demolished. Sherman knows that he is just one man on a team, and he is going to just go out there and play as hard as he can and do it the right way, letting his actions speak for themselves.