Dallas Cowboys' Problems Start And End At Same Place

By Jeremy Martin
Jerry Jones
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys franchise is in the middle of a run of mediocrity that was gone on for decade and a half. They are 136-136 since the start of the 1997 season. They only have two playoff wins in that span. They just finished 8-8 for the third straight season. The players have changed. The coaches have changed. The only thing that has not changed is the owner and general manager.

Cowboy fans have complained for years about the draft picks and free agent signings. At times, they have also complained about who the coaches are. They have had many complaints and pointed the blame at many different people. When you look at the structure of the Cowboys however, every complaint can in some way be traced back to one man: Jerry Jones.

The coaching moves of the past few days are the most recent in a long line of questionable Jones decisions. It also brings up one of the biggest problems I see with the Cowboys organization — loyalty.

Jones has been accused of being too loyal in the past mainly by giving new contracts to players who are past their prime. This week, his loyalty carried over to the coaching staff. He hired two new coaches, but decided not to fire any coaches. The result of his loyalty is an overcrowded coaching staff and confusion about each coach’s role. Loyalty is a good trait, but football is a business and sometimes you have to make difficult decisions.

Jones failed to make the tough decisions this week, and I believe the team will suffer because of that. When you fail to define roles within the coaching staff, chaos is sure to ensue. You have disgruntled coaches, which in turn leads to disgruntled players. It will affect the chemistry off the field, which will lead to poor play on the field.

A lot of things need to change for the Cowboys to get out of their 17-year run of mediocrity. The players need to play better, and the coaches need to coach better. Then again, the coaches have changed, and the players have changed. There is only one person that hasn’t changed in 17 years. Jones has looked at everyone else when trying to decide what’s wrong with the Cowboys. Maybe instead of looking at everyone else; he should take a look in the mirror.

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