San Diego Chargers' Manti Te'o Would Hate To Be At Super Bowl Media Day

By Erwin Mendoza
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Is there anybody on the San Diego Chargers roster that hates the media and spotlight as much as Marshawn Lynch? The gut tells me that Manti Te’o would.

Think about Te’o’s life 2013 before the NFL Draft. There’s the whole big scandal about Lennay Kekua not being real and him getting “catfished.” From then on, dads across the country got the real explanation of catfishing from their teenage daughters, and that was Te’o’s main storyline leading up to and past the BCS National Championship Game. He even had to go Katie Couric’s show to plead with the nation that he wasn’t a part of a big scam.

In reality though, Te’o doesn’t have that same aversion that Lynch has. Te’o has gotten better with the media and talking about football. He might not like talking about his personal life, but he does what he can about his game. I think Te’o is somewhat relieved that he doesn’t have to endure a Super Bowl Media Day with the San Diego market bringing up his past — it’s good for his sanity. All those would-be questions about dating and catfishing gives normal people anxiety.

Te’o had a modest season in 2013 and his future is promising. He has shown development, but he isn’t up to Donald Butler’s game at middle linebacker. It is plain to see that the Chargers want Te’o to develop into their middle linebacker of the future, calling the plays and dropping into coverage.

Te’o isn’t there for Media Day right now, but I bet you he’s hoping to go to one with all his baggage in tow in order to get to a Super Bowl Sunday.

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